Molesworth Farm Supply Helps Through United Way

Staff at Molesworth Farm Supply (MFS) gathered to celebrate an impactful gift they decided to give the United Way Perth-Huron (UWPH) campaign to help address #UNIGNORABLE issues like homelessness, poverty and mental health in the North Perth community.

“We’re appreciate the generosity of the MFS team and their customers,” said Helen Dowd, UWPH’s Manager, Community Development North Perth. “The decision to invest $2,000 in the UWPH campaign carries on that tradition and is a testament to the impact people can have when they join together to give back to their community.”

In discussing this year’s holiday season, the MFS team decided that instead of gifts, they would invest money in the community through local organizations helping those in need. They are hoping to inspire other businesses to do the same.

“MFS is a company with deep local roots and a proud history of supporting the community,” added UWPH Executive Director Ryan Erb. “We are so grateful they have joined with United Way to help build a brighter future for even more people in North Perth.”

About Molesworth Farm Supply
Molesworth Farm Supply is a family owned business located in Molesworth, Ontario — a small hamlet northwest of Listowel — specializing in swine, dairy, beef, and poultry feed management. MFS sits on the border of Perth and Huron counties, which together, represent the largest area for pork production in Ontario, as well as a significant portion of Ontario’s beef and dairy operations.

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