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United Housing is Perth-Huron’s first non-profit housing organization dedicated to creating and sustaining mixed rental units.

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“Housing is a basic human right, but too many people are excluded. Together, we can change that.” -Ryan Erb, United Way Perth-Huron Executive Director


Helping people facing housing challenges like these…



Raymond found shelter wherever he could, but he dreamed of having a place of his own where he would feel safe and warm.



Dorothea was leaving her home and faced an uncertain future. She wanted a smaller place, but everything she looked at had rents beyond what she could afford.



Arlene escaped an abusive partner with her children. A friend took them in temporarily, but Arlene knew her family needed a stable home and she couldn’t find a place that didn’t cost everything she had in rent.



Dylan found a job in a local community, but there weren’t any affordable places for him and his daughter to live.


What is United Housing?

Developer of Housing

United Housing is a non-profit creator of mixed housing. We work to build and run projects that include everyone, whether an individual or family is looking for market, workforce or affordable housing. By welcoming people from different walks of life into a single community, we are addressing the housing crisis and encouraging a more welcoming place to call home.

Operator of Housing

Along with creating and building new housing across Perth-Huron, United Housing also operates housing. What this means is we don’t just build units and leave them behind. United Housing continues to invest in the units after completion to ensure they are appealing places to live as well as working with residents to build a sense of community and belonging.

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Partner With Us


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Major Gift or Donation of Any Size

Large or small, we appreciate your support of United Housing. A major gift can leave a legacy of homes for people in your community, but any gift will help ensure we can continue working on new housing projects across Perth-Huron.

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Community Bonds

A Community Bond is an interest-bearing loan to finance projects. Purchase a bond from United Housing and you’ll receive a fixed return on your investment while helping the community you care about.

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Private / Non-Profit Partnership

If you or your organization owns a building that could be used as housing but you don’t have resources to make it happen, or if you own existing affordable housing, United Housing can take on fundraising and renovating the property.

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Partner With Property Owner

If you own existing rental units, would like to help address housing, but don’t want to be a landlord, we can help. United Housing will do the work, allowing you to benefit from your property while helping house people in your community.

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New Developments

We are happy to partner with commercial developers looking to meet legislative requirements for their housing projects or if you want to help us bring more affordable housing to our region.

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Donation of Real Estate

Do you or an organization you work with have unused land that could help address local housing needs? By donating real estate, you’re helping ensure we have the physical locations available for new projects to house people in our community.

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Transfer of Existing Affordable Housing

By transferring existing affordable housing to United Housing, you help in two ways. First, you are ensuring that affordable housing is maintained for the long term. We can also use your generosity as leverage to raise funds for projects, increasing our capacity to build even more housing.

United Housing Community Bonds Mailing List

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Why United Way?

United Way has always worked to create innovative solutions to challenges our communities face, and United Housing is part of that tradition. Currently, there isn’t a local non-profit organization dedicated to developing, building, and managing mixed use rental housing in the community. United Housing’s goal is to support and build on existing work being done by the City of Stratford and the County of Huron, further increasing the amount of available housing stock. It’s a local solution to the very real issue of housing affordability we face across Perth-Huron.


To support United Housing, or if you have questions, contact Ryan Erb or Kathy Vassilakos.
519.271.7730 | 877.818.8867

Learn how United Housing (formerly the Community Renewal company) began.

The Community Renewal Company is our region’s first entrepreneurial not-for-profit affordable housing provider. The CRC will build and operate housing for a wide range of people including those experiencing homelessness, those with lower incomes, and those able to pay market rates, creating sustainable developments where people of all backgrounds live together.

Unlike other nonprofits organizations that depend largely on a mix of grants, government contracts for service and/or donations, the revenue sources of the CRC will generally include a significant amount of revenue earned through business activities and social investment, which is then utilized for its mission and mandate.


Investment Readiness Program logo Funded By Government of Canada

Thank you to the Government of Canada and the KW Community Foundation for their generous support


2021 06 24 BUSINESS CASE

Business Case Report (PDF)

Business Case – Slide Deck (PDF)


Feasibility Study Report (PDF)

Feasibility Study – Slide Deck

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