Workplace Giving

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Workplace Giving

Your generosity—and the generosity of your colleagues—will fuel our work and the work of our 48 local agency partners working on the frontlines providing support for the people who need our help the most.

This toolkit includes everything you need to run a successful United Way workplace fundraising campaign—whether your employees are working remotely or in the office. All easy to access and easy to use. 

With volunteers overseeing fundraising efforts, we remain effective. This in turn allows us to make an even bigger impact locally. Workplace campaigns and volunteerism can also lead to great benefits for you; (A) As an employee – practice/acquire leadership skills, get to know your peers and help a great cause. OR (B) As an employer— more engaged employees and an enhanced corporate image.

Join over 300 businesses and organizations in our community who participate in a United Way Workplace Campaign each year to help create opportunities for a better life for everyone.


Why run a campaign at work?

  • You can help improve lives locally

    Improve the quality of life in the community where you, your employees and your customers live, work and raise their families. Align your Corporate Social Responsibility goals with the work being done in your community.

  • We’re Accountable

    The Community Impact Allocations Committee is comprised of community volunteers. They make certain that donor dollars given to the United Way are invested where they are needed most to address the root causes of poverty and alleviate its’ debilitating effects on people in our community.

  • You can engage meaningfully with your employees

    Thanks to the diversity of United Way’s work, many people can relate to issues the organization addresses. Engage with employees on local issues they care about.

  • You can join a network of important contacts

    Be part of a movement with over 300 workplace campaigns, 2,900 donors and 600 volunteers. United Way collaborates to reach a variety of key decision makers including CEOs, government officials and professionals.

  • You can increase employee morale

    Companies and employees can campaign together to achieve a common goal, developing a sense of team and increased job satisfaction. Employers with Workplace Campaigns report improved staff morale and new opportunities to bring fun into their work environment.

  • You can recruit and retain great employees

    Make your organization a more appealing place for potential and existing employees who want to work at a company that cares about having a positive impact in the community.

  • Convenience and Customization

    We will work with you to meet the requirements of your workplace within the time you have to give. Donations can be made easily — through payroll deductions — and we support you every step of the way. Small amounts can be deducted from each paycheck making it easy and convenient for employees to give. An individual’s total giving amount is included on their T4 at the end of the year.

  • Add to the recognition of your company

    Connect your brand with the power of our brand. Engaging with United Way increases your media footprint and your brand’s visibility. United Way is active on numerous social media platforms, local news outlets and radio stations.

Thank you to our fantastic Employee Campaign Coordinators!

Workplace campaigns are the foundation of the annual United Way campaign. The Employee Campaign Champions (ECCs) are the people on the ground. They are the organizers, the do-ers, the get-stuff-done people that run a United Way campaign in each workplace. The United Way campaign would not be a success without them! Thank you for all you do!

We know that not all of our ECC’s work alone. We would also like to thank the campaign teams who assist in their workplaces ensuring the success of the campaign.

For more information, or to start a workplace campaign, please call us at 519-271-7730.

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