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Your Impact in Goderich & Area

• United Way Perth-Huron helps support 18 programs and services for Goderich & Area residents
helping a total of 14,087 people in Goderich & area
345 people connected to the community by transportation services
48 individuals and families participated in physical/community activities to increase wellness   


Over the past year, youth have faced greater social isolation leading to mental health challenges including depression, anxiety and suicide. The Leadership Project is designed to improve youth mental health by reengaging them with the place they live through a wide variety of leadership development experiences. The goal is for participants to learn about themselves and each other, build leadership skills and share those skills with other youth, resulting in reduced social isolation and better mental health.


285 local residents accessed assistance

The Urgent Needs Fund is designed to support local residents in a time of crisis with funds for essentials such as rent, groceries, car repairs, medication and child care. United Way is also working for long-term change, lifting people beyond poverty while still ensuring their immediate, basic needs are met:


Sam and Kate’s daughter needed emergency treatment in London. At first, everything was okay. Kate’s employers both said she could return to work when her daughter felt better and Sam was sure they could get by, but it was tough living on one wage. The savings they scraped together disappeared quickly and Sam and Kate knew they would have to start making tough choices about paying the for utilities or buying healthy food. Then the family car broke down. Sam and Kate weren’t sure where to turn for help until they heard about the Urgent Needs Fund.



United Way Perth-Huron supports 18 partners in Goderich & Area, providing valuable programs and services to residents in the community where they live. Together with committed volunteers and donors, United Way works to ensure a brighter future for even more local people. 

  • 2,185 people helped in Goderich & Area by United Way Perth-Huron’s pandemic emergency relief efforts
  • 589 children and youth accessed information to help them make educated decisions about their lives
  • 11,090 people were given access to food on a regular basis
  • 17 youth benefited from housing and support care
  • 102 individual women and their children found shelter after escaping domestic violence


Patricia lived with an abusive partner for almost 30 years. She connected with a local shelter several years ago and has received ongoing counselling since that time.
During the past year, Patricia began working towards leaving her abusive partner and dealing with her addiction issues with alcohol, which she used to cope with the pain of her relationship. Three months ago, Patricia was finally able to leave her partner for good.
Now, Patricia is living independently, away from her abuser. The shelter continues to safety plan, counsel, support and remain a steady, reliable touchstone for Patricia and her existing and emerging needs. For the first time in her adult life, Patricia knows what freedom feels like and she looks forward to a brighter future.



Homelessness isn’t just about sleeping on the streets. It affects every aspect of a person’s life.


Housing Advocate icon Housing Advocate to find housing & provide ongoing support

Prevention Services icon  Prevention and support services for youth & women

Turning point for men icon  Three new beds for Huron Turning Point transition home for men

Emergency shelter icon Emergency shelter during cold months

163 Women and children provided with emergency shelter in Huron in 2019


Basic Income icon  Basic Income & Living Wage advocacy

Supportive Housing Study icon  Hub/Supportive Housing feasibility study

Long Term Housing icon  Other long term housing advocacy and initiatives

30 Youth accessed Huron Safe Homes for Youth and gained a fresh start in 2019


Rick had been living rough for a long time and every year it got a little harder to survive. Recently, Rick decided he was ready to make a change and entered a local shelter.
At first, Rick struggled to adjust. He’d been on his own for so long, being around so many people was overwhelming and Rick stopped dropping by.
When workers from the shelter, and even other clients saw him, they encouraged Rick to give it another try.
Now, Rick stays at the shelter regularly. He’s grateful for a place to rest, eat a nourishing meal and connect with support resources. Thanks to a United Way supported partner, Rick has the chance to have a brighter future.


Goderich and Area Community Committee

Beth Blowes (Chair) Bernice Glenn John Grace Wendy Hutton Barbara Kane
Jerry McDonnell Jenna Ujiye Gloria Workman    

–> United Way Perth-Huron Manager Community Development, Goderich & Area: Lori Shatto


Changing Local Lives

November 2020 is a month that will stick in Josh’s mind for a long time. Before, Josh and his wife Patty were active in the community, volunteering and doing as many activities together as they could. Then Josh was diagnosed with lymphoma and the couple’s world shifted.
Josh needed to travel out of town regularly for treatment and Patty wasn’t comfortable driving so much. Restrictions from the pandemic hit even harder, preventing Patty from being with Josh for his appointments. The couple that used to do so much together found themselves isolated and afraid for their future. Fortunately, Patty found out about a United Way supported transportation program.
Patty booked Joshua’s first rides on short notice so his treatments could begin as soon as possible and later, when Joshua needed to stay in hospital for treatment, Patty was able to lean on the helpful staff to make sure Josh was able to get to the hospital and back again.
Now, Josh and Patty’s lives are better. Josh is feeling healthier and the couple is grateful for the kindness and support they received to help them through their time of need.



Supported Partners in Goderich & Area

Connect Youth Perth-Huron
Emily Murphy Centre
Huron County Food Bank Distribution Centre
Huron Housing Advocate
Huron Safe Homes for Youth
Huron Turning Point Transition Home in Exeter
Huron Women’s Shelter
iVolunteer Perth-Huron
John Howard Society of London & District
KEYs – Keep Educating Yourself
ONE CARE Home & Community Support Services
Out of the Cold – Heart to Home
Poverty 2 Prosperity
Social Research & Planning Council
YMCA of Southwestern Ontario, Goderich
Youth in Action Grant








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