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What We Do

United Way Perth-Huron is a 100% local organization, working community by community to address #UNIGNORABLE issues such as poverty, mental health and homelessness. We work on short- and long-term solutions to these challenges through initiatives and partnerships such as our Urgent Needs Fund, access centres, mental health supports, community developers and living wage advocacy. When you show your local love by donating or volunteering, you’re helping people in your own community improve their lives.


In 2020 United Way supported almost 50 local community agencies to impact the lives of more than 37,000 individuals and families across Perth and Huron Counties.



How We Do It

We see the bigger picture then help where it’s needed most. We do our homework, bring the best minds to the table, invest for maximum impact and speak up for what’s right. This is the United Way.

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We are driven by evidence. United Way conducts research to understand community needs and plan for the future. Working with universities and community partners keeps our process thorough and efficient, enabling us to put your gifts into action.

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We partner with donors, social service agencies, unions, governments and universities to make our collective impact even greater. Bringing diverse voices to the table helps us build strong strategies for community change.

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We make smart community investments that get results. For every $1 invested in poverty prevention and alleviation today, $6 is saved in future costs to our health care, social services and criminal justice systems.

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We speak up about social issues and help people understand root causes. We also bring the community services sector together and foster constructive relationships with policy makers, championing solutions that improve people’s lives.


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