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Your Impact in Northern Huron

Together we improve lives through support for basic needs, service connection, advocacy, research and cultivating innovative initiatives.

United Way Perth-Huron helps here in the community you care about. Thanks to United Way, its partners and donors, almost 900 vulnerable people in Northern Huron (including North Huron, Howick and Morris-Turnberry) have the chance for a brighter future including…

  • 5,312 visits to access food
  • 134 people called 211 to connect with services
  • 97 seniors accessed transportation
  • 89 women escaping violence sheltered
  • 76 people in crisis accessed financial support
  • 37 participants in Poverty 2 Prosperity
  • 4 youth accessed housing and supports


Lack of Housing: A single bedroom rental is over $1,200/mo. 169 people are experiencing homelessness in Huron County.

 Low Income: 57% of people with incomes in Perth-Huron earn less than a living wage ($35,262 annually).

 Mental Health: By the time Canadians reach the age of 40, 1 in 2 have experienced a mental illness.

 Access to Services: Navigating the local social service network is challenging, especially for our most vulnerable.

 Intimate Partner Violence: In Huron County, the OPP received 617 calls related to intimate partner violence in 2021.

 Food Insecurity: Huron County food banks reported 17,675 visits in 2021. Food prices rose 7.4% in one year.


Holistic Approach

United Way is committed to cultivating innovative initiatives addressing root causes of local social issues. We research and advocate for a living wage, affordable housing and improved social assistance rates and services.

We also understand that long-term goals don’t solve the challenges of a person facing eviction next week, or the parent with empty cupboards and hungry children right now. To that end, we also fundraise and invest in programs to help ensure people get the immediate help they need.


Changing Local Lives

Thanks to United Way and a supported partner, Olivia has the support she needs:

Olivia’s parents struggled with mental health and substance use and eventually, she was placed with another family member. Despite moving to a supportive environment, Olivia dealt with feelings of anger, sadness and insecurity well into her adult life.

With encouragement from a friend, Olivia reached out for help and learned how her childhood trauma affected her decisions and how to better control her emotions.

Thanks to United Way and a supported partner, Olivia is regaining the sense of belonging and security she lost as a child.

Northern Huron Connection Centre

Partly as a result of rising housing costs, homelessness is growing. In an effort to tackle this #UNIGNORABLE issue in Northern Huron, a drop-in space for those experiencing homelessness or otherwise vulnerable is planned in Wingham.

The Northern Huron Connection Centre (NHCC) — serving Howick, North Huron and Morris-Turnberry — is intended as a welcoming, safe space for the community’s most vulnerable citizens to rest, access basic needs, healthcare services, identification assistance and more. Partnerships with agencies — including Choices For Change, the organization operating the centre — mean those using the NHCC can access important services and supports under one roof.

The Connection Centre would:

  1. Meet basic needs. A place to use a washroom and shower. Have a cup of coffee with access to clean water, and/or an indoor space out of the cold or heat.
  2. Build social ties. Build trust with service providers and volunteers, leading to opportunities for more formal supports.
  3. Connect to social services. Volunteers and staff can help clients navigate entry into formal support with existing agencies.
  4. Build pathways out of poverty that provide dignity and choice, empowering clients.


Community Renewal Company

The Community Renewal Company initial focus is developing and operating affordable rental supply, supportive housing options and innovation in social service access and delivery, including community hubs. The renewal company will also play a critical role in the community development ecosystem, supporting and building relationships between non-profit service providers and their supporters and advocates

Urgent Needs Fund

76 local residents accessed assistance

The Urgent Needs Fund is designed to support local residents in a time of crisis with funds for essentials such as rent, groceries, car repairs, medication and child care. United Way is also working for long-term change, lifting people beyond poverty while still ensuring their immediate, basic needs are met:

It was only Cassie and her two children. Cassie worked part-time but got a lot of hours, so she was just able to cover her family’s expenses. Cassie knew she should have a financial buffer, but everything she earned went to the necessities.

One morning Cassie felt a dull throbbing in her jaw that slowly increased to a blinding pain. She was able to get off work early, but Cassie knew she was going to miss three hours pay. The bigger dilemma was money for a dentist; she didn’t have any and couldn’t afford to keep missing work. Cassie burst into tears. She wasn’t sure where to turn for help until she heard about the Urgent Needs Fund.


Changing Local Lives

Thanks to a United Way supported partner, Jeff has the support he needs:

Archie needed a helping hand. Despite living in Huron County for over 12 years, he found himself in an out-of-area shelter due to gaps in the system. The shelter connected with the Huron Out of the Cold: Heart to Home team and arranged for Archie to return to the community he knew.

While at the Huron shelter, Archie and the team worked together on getting his documents ready and putting a plan in place to find housing. Because of this hard work, Archie was able to find permanent housing before the shelter season ended.

Thanks to United Way and a supported partner, Archie is doing much better. The Heart to Home team continues supporting him and he looks forward to moving into a place of his own.


Thanks to a United Way supported partner, Verna has the support she needs to improve her mental health and well-being:

83-year-old Verna lives alone. She copes with many health conditions including arthritis, hypertension and a heart condition and recently began dialysis in London. It is a three hour round trip. Verna can walk with her walker around the house but tires easily and uses a wheelchair for longer trips outside her home. Verna relies on a local transportation service to get to and from these life-sustaining appointments.

Thanks to United Way and a supported partner, Verna has a worry-free way to get to important care that improves the quality of her life and independence in the community she loves. 


Northern Huron Community Committee

Kate Procter (Chair) Aaron Armstrong Nicole Duquette-Jutzi Diana Finch
Shawn Lawler Denise Lockie Roxane Nicholson Patricia Smith – Special Events Volunteer
Rev. JoAnn Todd  Stephanie Towton    

–> United Way Perth-Huron Manager Community Development, Northern Huron: Lisa Harper



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Supported Partners

BBBS Kincardine & District ConnectYouth Perth-Huron Huron County Food Bank Distribution Centre Huron County Homelessness Strategy
Huron County Health Unit – P2P Huron Safe Homes for Youth Huron Turning Point Huron Women’s Shelter
John Howard Society KEYs workshops Living Wage Canada ONE CARE
211 Urgent Needs Fund YMCA of Southwestern Ontario (Goderich) Youth in Action Grants


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