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FGC Limited Certified as Living Wage Employer

Ontario Living Wage Network logoThere is new win and a reason to celebrate for the Living Wage movement. FGC LIMITED has taken a stand by certifying as a Living Wage Employer in the Champion category.

“It is important to us to look after our people, they are our most important resource,” says Fred and Shelley Groenestege, Owners of FGC LIMITED. “We need to be a positive financial resource for our employees and their families. It is not something special, it is the responsible way to do business. Together we all succeed.”

Calculated annually by the United Way Perth-Huron’s Social Research and Planning Council, the Living Wage is a calculation based on the living expenses of a family of four with both adults working full-time for 35 hours a week, once government transfers and deductions are taken into account. Everyday expenses included in the calculation are food, housing, utilities, childcare and transportation. Perth-Huron Counties’ Living Wage is $17.55 per hour. More information about Perth-Huron’s Living Wage can be found at https://perthhuron.unitedway.ca/research/living-wage/.

“We are very excited to welcome FGC LIMITED to the Living Wage movement,” says United Way Perth-Huron Executive Director Ryan Erb. “By paying a Living Wage, it encourages consumer spending, help businesses’ bottom lines, and grows the economy. Employer benefit with increased productivity and employees benefit by having a better quality of life. Employers like FGC LIMITED are investing in the health and wellbeing of our communities by participating in the Living Wage.”

Fred Groenestege Construction logoAbout FGC LIMITED
Since 1978, FGC LIMITED has specialized in the construction of turn-key farm buildings. We are a family run business with over 50 employees who are responsible for quality workmanship and service that is an integral part of the very foundation of our company. For more information on FGC LIMITED, please contact Kim Cooke, Office Manager at 519-393-6579 or kimc@fgc.ca.

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