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United Way campaign a bit behind

December is traditionally a time meant to bring together communities in celebration. United Way reminds everyone to remember the vulnerable people across Perth-Huron struggling to make ends meet and the organizations tasked with helping those in need that must work harder to make sure support is available.

“There’s no doubt we’re feeling the effects of the uncertainty in the world right now,” said Ryan Erb, United Way Perth-Huron executive director. “The campaign is behind 16 per cent compared to last year and the goal is bigger this year because the needs are greater. Just like everyone else, we are faced with needing more funds just to keep up with what our partners need to run their programs and for United Way to continue working on our own initiatives addressing important local issues.”

United Way Perth-Huron is 100 per cent local and positively impacts communities across Perth-Huron through Connection Centres in Stratford, Exeter and Wingham; our Urgent Needs Fund, supporting individuals and families in a time of immediate need with financial support for rent arrears, winter clothes, groceries and more; the new United Housing initiative meant to help address the housing crisis locally; and 40-plus local partners and services that benefit from support. Last year alone, United Way helped over 25,000 people through its partners and in-house programs.

“What I would say to our communities is, we appreciate you and the generosity you’ve shown,” added Erb. “But for us to continue supporting our partners and critical programs, we need everyone to rally around the work we do on behalf of vulnerable people and give more if you can. We understand the holiday season is busy, but if you just take an extra moment to put a donation in an envelope, drop a gift off at our offices, or give online, that moment you spend will ripple across the region and create positive impact in the lives of those who need it for months to come.”

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