What Does the United Way Do?

United Way Perth-Huron improves lives and builds strong local communities by bringing change where it is needed most.

United Way Perth-Huron is a leading community not-for-profit organization, touching the lives of many people annually by funding agencies, researching social issues, convening conversations, and incubating new programs/services.  United Way Perth-Huron works with over 40 different supported partners, projects and programs – a staggering number of initiatives that improve lives and build strong local communities. 

United Way Perth-Huron has continued to evolve over the last few years. United Way Perth-Huron is much more than the federated fundraising organization it once was; it is now an important driver of social change through a variety of internal and external programs and projects as well as our partner agencies.

Ryan Erb, Executive Director, United Way Perth-Huron

Ryan Erb, Executive Director, United Way Perth-Huron

United Way Perth-Huron can be described as:

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A Funder: Each year, United Way Perth Huron raises money and distributes it where needed most. Investments are prioritized through three focus areas:

  • All That Kids Can Be: Helping children and youth reach their full potential.
  • From Poverty to Possibility: Meeting basic human needs and moving people out of poverty.
  • Strong Communities: Strengthening community services and increasing community engagement.
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A Researcher: The Social Research and Planning Council is an internal Supported Partner of UWPH that provides research and recommendations regarding various social issues through reports.

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A Planner: With recommendations for change comes the need to move the community toward action. Where appropriate, UWPH and/or the Social Research and Planning Council, mobilizes stakeholders to ensure change happens.

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An Incubator: By adopting emerging social programs as internal Supported Partners, UWPH supports a fledgling idea and its volunteers with our infrastructure with the goal of aiding sustainability and ultimately, graduation from our organization.

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A Shared Service Provider: Recognizing that agencies may need more than money, UWPH provides bookkeeping, and services related to tenancy in our building. Rent or service fees are negotiated on a needs basis.

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An Advocate: By providing solutions to complex problems and collaborating with municipalities and other community parties, UWPH advocates for social change.

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A Collaborator: By collaborating with other local organizations, UWPH aims to improve services and collaboration in our community.

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