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Making a Difference

Women United brings together local women dedicated to building a stronger community. Members have the expertise and networks to make a real difference.

Women United - Join us

BECAUSE YOU are ready to speak up, take action and make a difference.

BECAUSE YOU want to connect with a group of inspiring women just like you.

Some of the toughest issues facing our community can be hard to see and even harder to solve. Through research, advocacy, consultation and investment United Way addresses root causes.

Women United - Smiling Woman

Tackling Issues like Poverty

“I was working two jobs. Mentally and physically it destroyed me. It changed me completely. There were times when I wouldn’t feel anything. It’s like I was living in an empty body.” – Debbie

50% of households in our community earn less than a Living Wage.

Women United - Smiling Woman

Local Love Impacting Local Lives

“Women have the will to invest in our community. I encourage women across Perth and Huron to consider becoming part of Women United and effecting change locally.” – Kathyrn Ritsma

1 in 6 children live in a household struggling to put food on the table.

Women United - Here's to Strong Women


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