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Your Impact in Northern Huron & Area

• United Way helps support 17 programs and services for local residents
• 5,918 people helped last year in Northern Huron & Area
5,312 people were given access to food
112 seniors and those with mobility challenges connected to the community by transportation


The Northern Huron Connection Centre (NHCC) — serving Howick, North Huron and Morris-Turnberry — is intended as a welcoming, safe space for the community’s most vulnerable citizens to rest, access basic needs, healthcare services, identification assistance and more. Partnerships with agencies — including Choices For Change, the organization proposed to operate the centre — mean those using the centre can access important services and supports under one roof.

The Connection Centre would:

  1. Meet basic needs. A place to use a washroom and shower. Have a cup of coffee with access to clean water, and/or an indoor space out of the cold or heat.
  2. Build social ties. Build trust with service providers and volunteers, leading to opportunities for more formal supports.
  3. Connect to social services. Volunteers and staff can help clients navigate entry into formal support with existing agencies.
  4. Build pathways out of poverty that provide dignity and choice, empowering clients.


72 local residents accessed assistance

The Urgent Needs Fund is designed to support local residents in a time of crisis with funds for essentials such as rent, groceries, car repairs, medication and child care. United Way is also working for long-term change, lifting people beyond poverty while still ensuring their immediate, basic needs are met:

It was only Cassie and her two children. Cassie worked part-time but got a lot of hours, so she was just able to cover her family’s expenses. Cassie knew she should have a financial buffer, but everything she earned went to the necessities.

One morning Cassie felt a dull throbbing in her jaw that slowly increased to a blinding pain. She was able to get off work early, but Cassie knew she was going to miss three hours pay. The bigger dilemma was money for a dentist; she didn’t have any and couldn’t afford to keep missing work. Cassie burst into tears. She wasn’t sure where to turn for help until she heard about the Urgent Needs Fund.



United Way Perth-Huron supports 15 partners in Northern Huron, providing valuable programs and services to residents in the community where they live. Together with committed volunteers and donors, United Way works to ensure a brighter future for even more local people. 

  • 500 people helped in Northern Huron by United Way Perth-Huron’s pandemic emergency relief efforts
  • 18 people benefited from the Poverty to Prosperity program
  • 14 women and their children received shelter after escaping violence
  • 9 individuals and families participated in physical/community activities to increase wellness
  • 6 youth benefited from housing and support care

Changing Local Lives

Thanks to a United Way supported partner, Jeff has the support he needs:

“It isn’t easy living on a single income with two kids. Sometimes, having a tight budget means making tough decisions about what we can and can’t buy to eat.
“That’s why we were lucky to find help from a United Way supported partner. Now, instead of having to decide whether to buy fresh produce or school snacks for the kids, I’m able to get some of both and stick to the monthly budget.
“Thank you for helping us and making our lives a little brighter.”


Thanks to a United Way supported partner, Erin has the support she needs to improve her mental health and well-being:

Erin was desperate for a sense of security. She’d been living with her mother, who struggled with mental health and addiction.
Erin decided to move in with a friend, but shortly after she arrived, Erin began struggling with her own mental wellness.
After a stay in hospital, Erin was referred to a United Way supported program for housing assistance supports. Thanks to this help, Erin was able to secure financial assistance to meet her basic needs and eventually a rent– geared-to income housing unit.
Erin was also referred for a psychological assessment and she was able to find more of the help she needed.
Now, Erin lives independently in her community and credits the ongoing support and advocacy she received with showing her a brighter future.


Northern Huron Community Committee

Kate Procter (Chair) Aaron Armstrong Nicole Duquette-Jutzi Amelia Fehr
Diana Finch Shawn Lawler Denise Lockie Roxane Nicholson
Patricia Smith – Special Events Volunteer  Rev. JoAnn Todd Stephanie Towton  

–> United Way Perth-Huron Manager Community Development, Northern Huron: Lisa Harper



Northern Huron Two-Pager


Supported Partners

ConnectYouth Perth-Huron Huron County Food Bank Distribution Centre County of Huron Huron Perth Public Health
Huron Safe Homes for Youth Huron Turning Point Huron Women’s Shelter iVolunteer
John Howard Society KEYs workshops ONE CARE Home & Community Support Services Social Research and Planning Council
211 YMCA of Southwestern Ontario (Goderich) Youth in Action Grants  


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