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United Way announces United Housing initiative

It started with a vision to address the lack of housing across Perth-Huron. After a year-and-a-half of planning and work behind the scenes United Way Perth-Huron is officially announcing its United Housing initiative on National Housing Day.

“Looking around we saw an opportunity to do something in this space because there isn’t a non-profit organization in Perth-Huron dedicated to developing, building and managing mixed use rental housing,” said Executive Director Ryan Erb. “There are people experiencing homelessness, people escaping violent home situations who can’t afford an apartment, personal support workers who can’t live and work in the same community and seniors having to leave their homes who don’t have enough to afford anything in the rental market. With United Housing, we’re aiming to help ease a housing crisis we all either see or are experiencing firsthand. This is important work and only through support from our community can we raise the $543,000 necessary to continue our work.”

“We are pleased to unveil the next evolution of our work on housing,” added Mitchell Rhodes, director of United Housing. “United Way has been doing a lot in this space over the past three years because we want to build something special in our region. We know it will take time and effort for our community to solve homelessness, but we’re going to continue reaching out to partners and supporters to build a made in Perth-Huron solution that fits local needs.”

United Housing’s focus is as a non-profit developer and operator of mixed rental supply. United Housing also aims to take a lead role in helping current landlords by fundraising, renovating and operating units so buildings don’t sit unused; partner with developers to help meet government requirements around affordable housing units; and create workforce housing so people can afford to live in the community they work in. For the purposes of United Housing, affordable housing is defined as taking up no more than 30 per cent of an individual or family’s income every month. LEARN MORE ABOUT UNITED HOUSING.

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