The Quarterly Report

The Quarterly Report

Supportive Housing Report graphicSupportive Housing

Vol1 Ed3 Quarterly Report – Supportive Housing PDF 

This report is designed to help enhance an understanding of homelessness and the role supportive housing can play within a larger strategy to end chronic homelessness. It provides an overview of best practices being implemented to address chronic homelessness; references supportive housing strategies that help people with the most complex mental health and addiction needs to stabilize their housing; and offers strategic actions for consideration to support the Huron and Perth communities toward achieving their goals of eradicating chronic homelessness and supporting their most vulnerable citizens.


Living Wage

Vol1 Ed1 Quarterly Report – Living Wage PDF 

This report reviews the value of employers paying a Living Wage and the implications to consumers, the economy and the employee through the new realities of a minimum wage earner. The report also examines the benefits of reducing inequalities within a community by increasing consumer spending, productivity and employer success. Ultimately, paying a Living Wage is an investment in qualified, productive and committed employees often leading to an improved bottom line. 


Basic Income

Vol1 Ed2 Quarterly Report – Basic Income PDF

Vol1 Ed 2 Booklet Summary – Basic Income PDF

A Basic Income is an unconditional cash transfer from government to individuals to enable everyone to meet their basic needs, participate in society and live with dignity, regardless of employment status.
Around the world, having a Basic Income is becoming recognized as a highly effective way to support important societal goals, including the reduction and elimination of poverty and economic insecurity; the narrowing of extreme income and wealth inequalities; improved health, democratic and economic functioning .

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