Mental Health

Mental Health

More than ever, mental health is critical, and raising awareness about the issue is a first step in people finding the help they need. Partners include the Huron Perth Addiction & Mental Health Alliance, Huron Perth Public Health, United Way Perth-Huron, the Huron Perth Catholic District School Board, the Avon Maitland District School Board, Rural Response for Healthy Children, North Huron/North Perth Family Health Team and Huron Community Family Health Team.  

The report aims to better understand the current mental health and addictions system in Huron Perth; inform community leaders about the achievements over the past eight years and collaborations underway to improve the system; identify outstanding challenges for Huron Perth residents; and review Ontario’s new Roadmap to Wellness: a plan to build Ontario’s mental health and addictions system.

If you or someone you know needs help and doesn’t know where to start, call the Huron Perth Helpline & Crisis Response Team at 1-888-829-7484.



Forward Together: An integrated approach to Mental Health and Addictions in Huron Perth (2021)

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The COVID-19 pandemic is contributing to and magnifying mental health and addictions issues in Huron Perth. It is likely this impact will be serious and long-lasting, placing additional strains on a MH&A system where demand for care has dwarfed service capacity for years. The report aims to better understand the current mental health and addictions system in Huron Perth; inform community leaders about the achievements over the past eight years and collaborations underway to improve the system; identify outstanding challenges for Huron Perth residents; and review Ontario’s new Roadmap to Wellness: a plan to build Ontario’s mental health and addictions system.

For a list of some of the available mental health & addictions resources in Perth and Huron, GO HERE. For help navigating the network of human sources quickly and easily, please dial 211. 211 is a free service, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. A trained operator will listen to your challenges and find you the help you need in the community you live in.



Rural Response to COVID-19: Mental Health Across Perth-Huron (2021)

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Download the Summay (pdf) [2 pages]

The World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a pandemic on March 11, 2020 advising all countries to implement a number of restrictions (e.g., social distancing) to curb the spread of the virus. Governments have instituted measures to contain the spread of COVID-19 including population-level containment strategies (e.g., quarantine, isolation, school and business closures).

While research has examined the impacts of COVID on individuals, economics and organizations, these have largely been focused on urban concerns. In Canada, approximately 20% of the population, or eight million people, reside in non-urban areas. It is critical that the experiences of rural Canadians are included in policy decisions.

NOTE: This is the first of a series of five reports. Topics to be released: Housing and Homelessness; Economic Development; Gender; Project Summary, Resilient Communities



Mental Health & Addictions Resources in Perth and Huron

Alcoholics Anonymous – Central West

Fellowship group offering support to anyone with a desire to stop drinking. Group meetings follow the Alcoholics Anonymous twelve steps to recovery.

Alexandra Marine & General Hospital

The Alexandra Marine and General Hospital (AMGH) has been providing quality health care services to the residents of the Town of Goderich and surrounding municipalities for over 100 years.

  • Inpatient Mental Health: Alexandra Marine and General Hospital is a Schedule 1 facility which serves the broader region with our unique mental health programs that provides care and treatment to adults 16 years and older experiencing acute and chronic mental health and addiction illness.
    • Psychiatry Services: The 20 bed inpatient program services adults experiencing acute mental health and addictions issues and concerns. In partnership with Choices for Change, three of these beds are available to individuals requiring withdrawal management and three addiction services.
    • Social Work: The Social Work Department provide the following services to inpatients utilizing a case management approach: Consultation and assessment with multidisciplinary treatment teams, both in our hospital and the community. Discharge planning, which involves assessment of the patient and his/her social situation to determine appropriate post hospital care and facilitate placement, where needed. Facilitating connections for financial assistance, legal representation, educational upgrading and vocational rehabilitation, as necessary
  • Outpatient Mental Health: The Hospital offers full-time Community Psychiatric Services located in Clinton, Exeter, Goderich, Seaforth, and Wingham.
    • Huron Community Psychiatric Services: offers outpatient mental health psychosocial rehabilitation both group and individual counselling. Our services are supported by psychiatrists and regulated health care professionals (serving adults 16 years and over) dedicated in providing you with high quality care.
    • Huron Outreach Eating Disorders Program: offer Outreach Counselling to individuals diagnosed with an eating disorder, or engaging in eating disordered behaviours.
    • Huron Perth Regional Intensive Case Management Program: Intensive Case Management services provide time limited goal specific in home community treatment. The program focusses on relapse prevention and stabilization in the community utilizing psychological education, medication management, liaising with partner agencies and advocacy.

Alzheimer Society of Huron County

The Alzheimer Society of Huron County is a non-profit charitable organization dedicated to helping people living with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias, their families and their caregivers. We provide programs, services and education to persons with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias and their care partners. The Alzheimer Society of Huron County serves residents of Huron County, with an office located in Clinton and satellite offices located in Zurich and Wingham

Avon Maitland District School Board  

At Avon Maitland District School Board, we use a tiered approach to mental health and well-being: Tier 1 – Mental Health Promotion for all students, Tier 2 – Preventative Interventions for students at risk, and Tier 3 – Pathways and Circles of Support for students and families with complex needs. During the month of January, the focus is on mental health and well-being and includes Bell Let’s Talk day.


Betamarsh is a therapeutic agency that provides residential and foster care for children, adolescents and young adults in a variety of programs, with individualized and group therapy as essential components of treatment. Betamarsh provides residents with long-term and short-term placements, in a safe and nurturing milieu. Betamarsh’s continuity of care provides residents with support throughout all stages of their lives; from stabilization, to treatment, to semi-independence and full independence. The goal of these specialized programs is to provide the opportunity for the client to develop skills which will enable them to reach their own unique potential

Choices for Change: Alcohol, Drug & Gambling Counselling Centre

Choices for Change: Alcohol, Drug and Gambling Counselling Centre is an incorporated, charitable organization governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. The Board of Directors represents the communities in which we provide service and are responsible for the overall operation of the agency.

Canadian Mental Health Association Elgin-Middlesex

Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) Middlesex is here to encourage you along your mental health journey. Our goals are to promote good mental health, prevent further illness, offer treatment, support recovery and provide mental health education. Our vision is an inclusive community with mental health and well-being for all.

is a free skill-building program managed by the CMHA. It is designed to help adults and youth 15+ manage low mood, mild to moderate depression and anxiety, stress or worry.

Canadian Mental Health Association Huron Perth

Canadian Mental Health Association Huron Perth (CMHA) is one of the smaller branches of CMHA in Ontario. We are very proud of the range of important and innovative services that we provide. Huron Perth has a rich history of mental health and addiction agencies coordinating services together since a working committee was first created in 1975. This history and spirit of cooperation continues today in our work as the Huron Perth Addictions and Mental Health Alliance. We take pride also in having a single point of access for people seeking support.

  • Goderich Office: 52 Newgate Street, Goderich, ON N7A 1P1
  • Seaforth Office: 92 Goderich Street West, Seaforth, ON N0K 1W0

Canadian Mental Health Association Huron Perth: Take 15 Minutes Just For You Booklet (Downloadable)

The Canadian Mental Health Association understands that things are tough right now. More than a year into the pandemic and we’re all feeling the effects. Many are struggling with burnout, loneliness and depression. Balancing the tasks of everyday life — work, parenting caregiving — has now become more stressful and exhausting. And the idea of taking even a few minutes to practice healthy coping techniques can feel like just another chore. Self-care shouldn’t be complicated. In fact, when energy and resolve are low, it’s important to keep things as simple as possible. That’s what this booklet offers, sharing simple, 15-minute ideas to help you feel better.

Huron Perth Helpline & Crisis Response Team

The Huron Perth Helpline & Crisis Response Team is available to all residents of Huron and Perth Counties. This service is available for individuals who are experiencing a mental health crisis.

  • The Helpline is a 24 hour / 7 Days a week, crisis phone service with crisis assessments, brief crisis therapy and education regarding mental health and addiction services. The phone number for the Huron Perth Helpline & Crisis Response Team is 1-888-829-7484
  • Crisis also offers face-to-face assessments in the hospital Emergency Departments, homes and communities with police (Mobile Crisis Rapid Response Team), schools and doctors’ offices in Huron and Perth counties.

Huron Perth Addiction and Mental Health Alliance

The Huron Perth Addiction and Mental Health Alliance is a collaborative service model, established in 2012 to serve the addiction and mental health population in Huron and Perth Counties. The objectives of the Alliance are to: provide easier access to mental health and addiction services in Huron Perth; ensure optimal use of resources; and create stronger working relationships to improve client experience The members of the Alliance include: Alexandra Marine and General Hospital; Canadian Mental Health Association Huron Perth; Canadian Mental Health Association Elgin Middlesex; Choices for Change: Alcohol, Drug & Gambling Counselling Centre; Huron Perth Centre for Children and Youth; and, Huron Perth Healthcare Alliance – Mental Health Services. The Huron Perth Addiction and Mental Health Alliance (the Alliance) is a collaborative service model, to serve the addiction and mental health population in Huron and Perth Counties. Better service to clients is the primary goal for the Alliance. Alliance members have a vision of Huron Perth as a community where every person enjoys good mental health and well-being throughout their lifetime, and where people with mental illness or addictions can recover and participate in a welcoming supportive community.

Huron Perth and Area Ontario Health Team

The Huron Perth and Area Ontario Health Team is one of the provincial teams implementing a new model of organizing and delivering health care that better connects patients and providers in their communities to improve patient outcomes. With approximately 60 partners, the team will integrate a full suite of health care services across Huron Perth and the surrounding area. Through the Ontario Health Team (OHT), patients will experience easier transitions from one provider to another, including, for example, between hospitals and home care providers, with one patient story, one patient record and one care plan.

Huron-Perth Catholic District School Board

​A tiered approach to mental health and wellness for our students is key to the development and implementation of programs and supports that enhance mental health and academic achievement. Mental Health and well being supports for our students are provided by several community partners.

Huron Perth Centre for Children and Youth   

The Huron Perth Centre for Children and Youth is an accredited community-based children’s mental health centre. It provides assessment and treatment services for a wide range of mental health concerns for children and youth up to their 18th birthdays. The Centre has partnerships with education, child welfare, health, youth justice/adult justice, violence against women, and fire services.

Huron Perth Health Care Alliance

The Huron Perth Healthcare Alliance (HPHA) was established in 2003 and is a voluntary collective of four hospitals (Clinton Public Hospital, St. Marys Memorial Hospital, Seaforth Community Hospital and Stratford General Hospital) that provides care across the continuum of acute and community-based services. HPHA is an organization born out of change; one that embraces the potential of partnerships; harnesses the power of performance, and values the skills and guidance of our people – patients, families and caregivers included. That’s how we remain at the forefront of care – thriving in a changing environment, pushing the envelope, and committed to the well-being of our patients.

  • Outpatient Mental Health

A number of Outpatient Mental Health Services are provided by the Huron Perth Healthcare Alliance (HPHA). Individual and group therapy services are offered in our offices in Listowel, Stratford and Seaforth. In-home treatment is available for those individuals unable to participate in office-based services. Our services are supported by Psychiatrists and consultation is available to individuals registered with these services. These services are available for adults, 16 years and over, experiencing moderate to severe mental health challenges.

  • Clinical Intensive Case Management: The Huron Perth Clinical Intensive Case Management Program provides time-limited, goal specific in-home community treatment for individuals 16 years of age and over with serious mental health issues. The program focuses on relapse prevention and stabilization in the community. Services are provided by Registered Nurses, Social Workers and a Consulting Psychiatrist. This program is a partnership between Alexandra Marine & General Hospital, the Huron Perth Healthcare Alliance, Canadian Mental Health Association, Huron-Perth & Middlesex.
    • Seniors Mental Health: The Huron Perth Seniors Mental Health Program provides assessment and treatment for older adults experiencing responsive behaviours associated with complex and challenging mental health, addictions, dementia or other neurological conditions in the home, community or long-term care.
    • Sexual Abuse Treatment: The Sexual Abuse Treatment Program provides treatment to individuals who have experienced recent sexual assault or childhood sexual abuse. The program also promotes community awareness and provides education regarding the impact of sexual abuse issues.

Huron Perth Situation Table, Child and Youth Mental Health Network

Service coordination group of police and other human service agencies which meets regularly to provide service coordination for individuals/groups/situations of Acute Elevated Risk due to mental health, addictions, life circumstances, involvement with the law etc. Acute Elevated Risk addresses situations where significant harm can result without a coordinated and targeted response as soon as possible.

Mobile Crisis Response Teams (MCRRT) OPP

Crisis Worker team up with a specially trained police officer to respond to situations involving individuals experiencing a mental health or situational crisis. This Crisis Worker attends the scene and works hand in hand with the police. A primary goal of the MCRT is to provide an on-site assessment of the client, referring that person when appropriate to community-based services rather than transporting them to an Emergency Department.

Tanner Steffler Foundation

TSF aims to enhance and improve mental health and addiction resources and support networks for youth between the ages of 12-24 within Huron County. is a website for Ontario patients, doctors, and health care providers to get accurate and up-to-date information about health services in their communities. platform is a provincially integrated database and asset that can be leveraged by health service providers and planners to help make healthcare better together.

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