Food Survey

Food Survey

Many households face challenges covering basic needs. Sometimes we have to sacrifice the food budget to cover our living costs. The result is food insecurity, which is inadequate or insecure access to food due to financial limitations. Even though food banks have helped people put some food on the table, this is just an emergency measure and a temporary solution. Many times, food providers cannot cover all the household needs. The objective of this survey is to provide evidence of how people struggle every day to bring food home and the consequences on their lives and families. This will help us increase awareness of food insecurity and create actions that change the reality in Perth and Huron.
Because of the rise in the cost of living, food insecurity because of lack of money is increasing in frequency and severity and more challenges are faced by many households. Therefore, the Social Research and Planning Council created the Characteristics of Food Insecurity in Perth and Huron Survey to provide evidence of the household food insecurity status due to lack of money in Perth and Huron County.

We have distributed the survey to many organizations and local services to encourage people to share their voice. The survey only takes 15 minutes. Contribute to this initiative and you can win one of twenty $40 grocery gift cards!

If you have any questions about this survey or would like to help distribute the survey in your local area, please email

The Social Planning and Research Council and United Way Perth-Huron welcome your participation in this survey. If you would like to enter for a chance to win one of the $40 grocery gift cards, please complete the contact information at the end of the survey. We will not link this information with your survey. To keep your privacy, we are not sharing this information with anyone or any organization.

Take the Survey *Survey Open Nov1st to Nov 30th 

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