Transformative Resiliency

Transformative Resiliency Framework

Out of a Pandemic, Transformational Resiliency Can Emerge

The Transformative Resiliency Framework is a three phase process that organizational senior management or Boards of Directors can work through to improve the impact of their organization.

It will assist organizations to conduct interim planning and see scalable opportunities during a disruption. This process raises organizational and system performance to unprecedented levels without sacrificing historical commitments.

Knowledge gained from the impact of, and resilience actions taken during, the COVID-19 pandemic could provide lasting lessons beyond health crisis preparation, including future approaches and pathways to opportunity.

Background: The consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic are far-reaching and have cascaded beyond the spread of the disease and efforts to quarantine it. Residents from all age and income brackets, employment sectors and familial structure have been impacted by the pandemic in varying degrees. Across and within our communities, the non-profit sector fills a critical gap in service delivery and since the start of the pandemic, in many instances this disruption has pushed the capacity of many non-profit organizations to their limit. During times of disruption, it is essential that organizations are able to respond efficiently and effectively to the needs of the community they serve; organizations must be able to identify any risks that may be a result of the disruption but also any potential opportunities. During a disruption, an organization must be resilient to the external and internal changes that occur. In order to increase organizational resiliency, completing a workshop on Transformative Resiliency and developing Framework for Action will enable an organization to be better prepared for a disruptive event, increase its ability to respond quickly to the dynamic environment, identify potential opportunities, and help ensure uninterrupted service delivery and improve stability.

This dynamic process engages your current realities and any of your existing longer term planning and risk management tools that you may already have which, will assist in informing your next steps.

Deliverables: 1) Organizational Resiliency Table (mapping tool): an organizational-tailored reference list of relevant organizations from the service area and unique organizational characteristics with associated ‘Depth of Impact’. 2) Framework for Action: a tangible, action-oriented reference to enable unique organizational response to enable both risks and opportunities to be identified and specific response-actions to developed. 3) Organizational Report: a concise document that coalesces the results of the Framework for Action into manageable, digestible outcomes including strategic and operational recommendations.


A Framework for Action (PDF)

Framework for Action tables (XLSM)

How-To: Framework For Action Table (PDF)

How-To: Framework For Action Table – PAC Report (PDF)

Complete an Organizational Resilience Table (PDF)

How-To: PAC Test Report (PDF)

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