United Way’s St. Marys Community Committee Looking for Input

United Way’s St. Marys Community Committee Looking for Input

What does the community need to become stronger?

It’s the question United Way Perth-Huron (UWPH) and the St. Marys Community Committee (SMCC) are looking to answer at an upcoming event on Friday, October 27th from 1:30 pm to 5:00 pm at the Pyramid Centre.

The St. Marys Engagement Event brings together a diverse group of social service leaders to ask questions and look for answers; the ultimate goal being to determine what the priorities are for community improvement. A follow up meeting will be scheduled in February to identify solutions to the most pressing issues brought forward on October 27th.

 “Every community has issues they want addressed,” UWPH Executive Director Ryan Erb says, “The St. Marys Committee members – John McGarry, Paul Williams, Brent Kitmer, Fern Pridham, Don VanGalen, Deb Hotchkiss, Kim Ross Jones, Andrew Williams, Jenny Mikita, Ciaran Brennan and Jennifer Morris – came together to help steer our work in the community. This event is a step down the road toward finding solutions for issues that matter to people here in St. Marys. We’re excited to learn how we can help build an even stronger community.”

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For more information or to set up an interview with Ryan Erb, Executive Director, please call    1-877-818-8867 or 519-271-7730 or email info@perthhuron.unitedway.ca

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