United Way Perth-Huron Ignites Possibilities!

United Way Perth-Huron Ignites Possibilities!

2016 Campaign Goal Announced at Kick-Off Luncheon

The United Way Perth-Huron celebrated the 2016 campaign kick-off with over 250 community members coming together to celebrate the annual Kick-Off Luncheon on September 16th.  The event was generously sponsored by Sun Life Financial, with Sun life employees also staffing the event.  The food was prepared by the Local Community Food Centre.

The 2016/2017 goal of $1,337,000 was announced.   Ryan Erb, Executive Director spoke to the excited crowd regarding exactly where the funds are going this year “United Way is ready to help almost 50 Partners and if we can reach this goal, we will expand to help more vital partners in our community”.  Erb concluded “Today I can, with certainty, say that we need to raise $1.337 million dollars this year”.

If United Way reaches the goal many organizations will benefit including the expansion of John Howard Society’s Reintegration Program at the Stratford Jail and an extension of the Centre for Employment and Learning’s English as a Second Language Program (ESL) program so they can assist new comers as they arrive in the region.

Andrew Williams, Campaign Chair, spoke warmly of his second year leading the campaign, “One of the best things about chairing the United Way campaign is it allows me to say thank you.  I met hundreds of people last year and will again this year and was able to share the importance of United Way and to thank everyone for helping ignite possibilities in this community.”   Williams continued passionately, “Many hands make light work as the saying goes, and that saying is alive and well with the United Way.  It really depends on people’s willingness, people’s support, people’s passion and enthusiasm.  It makes me proud to live in this community to see how much of that goes on”. 

Ron Cameron, a UWPH Philanthropic Donor and long-time supporter shared, “The reason I invest in United Way is that United Way has credibility in the community and with other organizations, being able to engage with the community to research what’s needed, who’s doing what and what’s not being done, maybe because others don’t have the capacity, ability to or no one else can take on the challenge like United Way can and does”.

Williams summarized, “It really boils down to people’s life stories, how many individual’s lives can be helped and improved by this campaign.  I look around the community and see hundreds of stories like this every day and it’s so gratifying to see a child being able to attend the YMCA, someone having a better chance at getting a job or an individual having a shelter to go to in a time of need. It’s all about knowing our efforts have helped contribute to that and it’s something we need to keep alive and well as we move forward in this campaign”.

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For more information or to set up an interview with Ryan Erb, Executive Director, contact 1-877-818-8867 or 271-7730 or via email rerb@perthhuron.unitedway.ca   

Media Release – Kick Off 2016 (PDF)


2016 Campaign Goal Announced in 8 Perth & Huron Communities

If you could smell possibility in the air on Monday Sept 19th, 2016 it was the United Way of Perth-Huron Kick-off tour that you noticed. Campaign Chair Andrew Williams along with United Way staff, kick-off sponsor SunLife Financial, and volunteers drove to 8 different towns throughout Perth and Huron Counties, to Ignite Possibilities! – the theme of the campaign for the next two years.

At each stop a United Way Supported Partner shared the important work they were doing in the community, and local officials and community members came to show their support. Committed to the full tour, Steve Ollson, shared his excitement to be representing SunLife Financial as the official United Way Perth-Huron kick off sponsor and was accompanied by local SunLife Financial colleagues. SunLife Financial supports United Way locally and nationally. Towns visited included Mitchell, Listowel, Wingham, Goderich, Clinton, Seaforth, Centralia/Exeter and St Marys.

Andrew Williams, spoke at each location sharing the message of the 2016/2017 goal of $1,337,000, the importance of the United Way Campaign and thanking everyone in each community for helping ignite possibilities in their local community. He often states, as he did on Monday, how proud he is to live in this community where people’s passion enthusiasm and willingness to support the United Way campaign are alive and well.

In Mitchell, the tour started at the West Perth Youth Centre, where Dan Walker of the YMCA, spoke of the importance of this program to the West Perth Community, and the support of United Way locally. John Nater MP Perth-Wellington, shared his support of the 2016/17 UWPH campaign.

In North Perth, the tour met at Diana Sweets Restaurant and heard from the new supported partner in Listowel, Choices for Change, who have introduced the Crossing Bridges program to the North Perth Community. Representing this program, Leanna Hendriks, Jodi Wilhelm and Brittany Wreford, spoke of the importance of the new mental health program to the area. Deputy Mayor, Doug Kellum, spoke of the change United Way is bringing to the North Perth Community.

The tour then headed to the Wingham hospital where Roxanne Cerson Wright, of One Care’s program “Easy Ride”, spoke of the importance of the service in the Wingham and surrounding community and the appreciation of the United Way support.

Continuing on to Goderich, the tour visited the YMCA, where staff member Jenn Evans shared the importance of the Huron County Recreational Arts and Sports Program to the Huron Community. Amber, a local mother of six children shared how important it was that her children were able to participate in arts and sports due to the program. The tour enjoyed lunch at Pat and Kevin’s on the square.

Next stop …. Clinton! At the Huron County Health Unit Pam Hanington of the Poverty to Prosperity Intiative, shared the new project “Destination – Prosperity: Working Together to Support Communities”. Central Huron Mayor, Jim Ginn attended, stating United Way works in partnership with municipalities and brings much needed services.

In Seaforth the tour stopped into the Seaforth Hospital Mental Health Building, where Susan Faber representing supported partner 211, spoke of “Connect Youth”, a new website sharing local resources for the youth of Perth and Huron Counties to make educated decisions for their life. connectyouthperthhuron.ca/.

In Centralia, the tour enjoyed some time at the Huron County Food Bank Distribution Centre (HCFBDC), a supported partner of United Way Perth –Huron. Representing the HCFBDC’s program – “Neighbours Helping Neighbours”, Mary Ellen Zeilman spoke of the importance of the program to the Huron Community and the importance of United Ways support. The Mayor of South Huron, Maureen Cole spoke warmly of United Way’s efforts to the gathering.

Final stop for the tour was St Marys Pyramid Centre, where Stephanie Ishe, along with 4 young participants of the St Marys Youth Centre shared the importance of the program to the youth of St Marys. Attending the kick-off was Mayor Al Strathdee recognizing the importance of United Way and the services it supports in our communities. John Nater, MP for Perth-Wellington shared his keen support of United Way Perth-Huron.

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