United Way Perth-Huron Celebrates Funding Distribution

June 19, 2013

Giving Back to the Community: United Way Perth-Huron Announces Funding Initiatives

United Way Perth-Huron’s Program Review and Allocation Committee, as well as the Board of Directors, are pleased to announce this year’s 2013-2014 funding initiatives.

The Program Review and Allocation Committee (PRAC) members had a difficult task. These concerned citizens from Huron and Perth Counties have the responsibility of making choices that will shape the social programs of our two counties. This year they reviewed applications from 24 member agencies.

Susan Moffat, PRAC chair, explains the program review and allocation process: “Every year volunteers from Perth and Huron County review the many applications for funding. We send ‘on-site review teams’ out to visit many agencies and pore over financial and program data, in order to determine how to best utilize the community campaign funds. Staff support the process by doing research and enabling communication, but in the end, it is the community, represented by our committee, who decide how and where the money is spent.”

“We are so thankful for the many hours that these volunteers dedicate to ensuring dollars are properly spent within our community,” says Ryan Erb, Executive Director, “and we all wished we had even more money to invest in these worthy causes, but we have done something of significance, and as a result, many people will be helped.”

The committee will be announcing the Demonstration and Development Grants recipients in the coming weeks.

United Way Perth-Huron is also pleased to announce continued support of the following: Local Community Food Centre, Training-4-Success and PF Solutions (Practice Firm), Discover North Perth, Avonova Click, Volunteer Connection, The Next Step, Social Research and Planning Council and data partner 211.

Ron Cameron, Board Chair of United Way Perth-Huron describes the importance of these Divisions and Projects, “These are core to United Way of Perth-Huron’s growth as an agent of change and

allow United Way Perth-Huron to provide support for the larger community in capacities that can’t be reached through more population-focused agencies.”

United Way Perth-Huron’s 2013-2014 Funded Agencies:

Avon Co-operative Nursery School

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Listowel & District

Big Brothers Big Sisters of North Huron

Big Brothers Big Sisters of South Huron

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Stratford & District


Community Outreach Services

Emily Murphy Centre

Epilepsy Huron-Perth

Family Services Perth-Huron

Huron County Food Bank Distribution Centre

Huron Hospice Volunteer Service

Huron Safe Homes for Youth

Huron Women’s Shelter

John Howard Society of London & District

ONE CARE Home and Community Support Services

Partners in Employment

Stratford/Perth Shelterlink

St. John Ambulance – St. Marys

St. John Ambulance – Stratford

St. John’s Cooperative Preschool

St. Marys Youth Centre

VON Perth-Huron

YMCA Stratford-Perth

For more information or to set up an interview, with Ryan Erb, Executive Director, contact 1-877-818-8867 or 271-7730 or via email at campaign@perthhuron.unitedway.ca.

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