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A Report on Volunteerism in Perth and Huron Counties  


In Ontario, Canada and around the world, volunteers are playing an increasingly important role in shaping the kinds of communities we live in. They connect people and causes and have an enormous impact on society, culture, the economy – and their own health and well-being. Study findings show that many not-for-profits in Perth and Huron county could not run without volunteers. 

Although current volunteer participation rates in Perth and Huron County is higher than national statistical averages, 84% of local not-for-profits agencies surveyed still reported that they never have enough volunteers.  In their newly released research report entitled `The Heart of Community: A report on Volunteerism in Perth and Huron Counties`, The Social Research and Planning Council (SRPC) identified several key obstacles that are keeping Perth and Huron County from reaching their full community volunteerism potential.

There are many reasons why people chose not to volunteer, the primary one of which is, not surprisingly, a lack of time.

Recommendations presented have the potential to truly strengthen and support volunteerism in Perth and Huron counties. All of which will be positive steps toward improving the experiences of those the SRPC is calling the heart of our community: volunteers.

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Report Quotes:

“Volunteerism is an act of human solidarity, of empowerment and of active citizenship.”

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