Violence Against Women

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A Report on Violence Against Women

in Perth and Huron Counties


Violence against Women is regarded as violation of human rights, and has its roots in power imbalance and inequality between men and women.  The goal of this research report was to discover how Perth and Huron County is being impacted by it.  We interviewed many local women with lived experience of violence and it became evident quickly that, yes, women are being abused right here in our own communities. 

What else became apparent is that rural areas have higher reported rates of domestic violence which is influenced by a number of factors.  In small communities, everyone knows every so being able to reach out for help confidentially is often difficult to do.  Other factors include a lack of affordable housing and employment opportunities that would allow the women to leave their current situations.

Violence against women not only has an enormous cost on its victims – with fallout ranging from physical wounds to post-traumatic stress and low self-esteem – but it also has a negative impact on everyone.  Relationships, families and entire communities can be affected – both in terms of trauma suffered and in loss of social, economic and legal resources to the community.

Overall, the current services that are available to help women in need were given very positive reviews by the women using them.  There were however several service gaps and barriers identified that still may prevent women from seeking the help they need.  These services gaps along with recommendations for how Perth and Huron county can strive to close some of these gaps are identified


Violence Against Women Cover

Opening the Door:
A report on Violence Against Women in Perth and Huron Counties (2013)

Report Quotes:

““He choked me…he didn’t stop until I fell to the ground.  I thought he was going to kill me.  At the same time, I felt like I was getting what I deserved.” 
– Woman with lived experience    


“And the waitlist, I mean that’s huge.  Kids who need services here [Huron County], now, have to wait months before they can even see anybody.”                                       
– Huron service providers’ focus group

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