Substance Abuse and Problem Gambling

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A Report on Substance Abuse and Problem

Gambling in Perth and Huron Counties


Starting the Conversation openly answers questions about addiction, presents the barriers to overcoming addiction, and provides recommendations or next-steps for agencies and/or service providers of Perth and Huron counties in the treatment and support of people who struggle with addictions. We hope it will start many conversations across Perth and Huron Counties.


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Starting the Conversation:
A report on Substance Abuse and Problem Gambling in Perth and Huron Counties. (2012)



“Addiction is seen as ‘the end of the world’ – but it doesn’t have to be. Addiction is not a life sentence. Change is possible. With the right help and enough support, we can turn our lives around. Don’t give up on us.”       – Focus Group Participant (September 2011)


“Lots of people seem to think addiction is a choice. I did choose to use the first time but I didn’t choose to become an addict. People think we could be fine if we really wanted to; if we would ‘just get it together’ and stop using. They think we’re just not trying or we don’t care; they think it’s about will power. But none of us chooses to throw our lives away.”   – Focus Group Participant (September, 2011)


The pattern of use [of marijuana] among baby boomers appears to be affected by, or reflect, their life cycle. Many of them used it in the 1960s and 70s during their youth; then decreased use during the years they were working and parenting; and are now increasing their use again in retirement, possibly to cope with diseases common to old age.        – Huron Perth Mental Health and Addiction Network  (September 2011)

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