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SRPC logo squareQuality of Life in Perth and Huron County (2014)

Quality of life refers to the general wellbeing of individuals and society, and is defined in terms of health and happiness, rather than wealth.

In many respects, quality of life is subjective. What is considered to be ‘good’ varies from individual-to-individual and community-to-community. In addition to common indicators about education, work and health, it explores issues like how safe is our community, how engaged are residents in community life, how do we treat the planet, and how do we spend our time.

In December 2013, we held a half-day session was held with local data experts and other interested stakeholders to help us prioritize the indicators to include in this publication.

This report was modeled on the Canadian Index of Well-being framework and is organized into eight different domains which include.

1) Community Vitality
2) Democratic Engagement
3) Education
4) Environment
5) Healthy Populations
6) Leisure and Culture
7) Living Standards
8) Time Use


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