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SRPC logo squareEmbracing Diversity: Newcomer experiences in Perth and Huron Counties (2017)

With an aging population and a declining workforce, newcomer integration holds the key to creating sustainable, vibrant and dynamic communities.  In 2015, more than 75% of Canada’s new permanent residents landed in just seven major cities. During the same year, only 5.8% of recent immigrants settled in rural areas. This presents a challenging situation for rural communities that must now offer ways to not only attract newcomers to their communities, but also ensure they stay.

SRPC’s latest Newcomer report looks at how Newcomers are experiencing our community, the challenges they face in settling here, and how we can help to make our community a more welcoming place to live!


SPRC Newcomer Report


SRPC Newcomer Community Summary


Calculating a Living Wage for Perth and Huron Counties

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