Ryan’s Blog: You Make Change Possible

Ryan's Blog: You Make Change Possible

People often ask me what it is that we do at United Way. If there is time, I often explain the different roles we have as a funder, a researcher, a social planner, a convener, an incubator and a shared service provider. These are all great things. Sometimes I go on to express our purpose:

United Way Perth-Huron improves lives and builds strong local communities by bringing change where it is needed most.

Or to talk about the various partners we have:

Did you know, UWPH has nearly 50 different supported partners in Perth and Huron?

If I can keep their attention long enough I then talk about our outcomes – the things we are trying to accomplish:

Helping Kids be All they Can be

We help children and youth reach their full potential by working toward ensuring that all children and youth experience positive mental health and wellbeing and feel involved with a sense of belonging in their communities.

Moving people from Poverty to Possibility.

In a community where everyone matters, we create opportunities for individuals and families to not just survive in our community, but to thrive and contribute.

Building Strong Communities.

United Way Perth-Huron invests in programs that make our community vibrant and safe to help create opportunities for individuals, families and neighbourhoods. We focus on improving access to social and health-related support services, as well as, supporting community integration and engagement.

These are all wonderful things – and, if I had another hour, I could begin to do justice to it all.

However, it really boils down to something much simpler.

People in Perth and Huron face real challenges every day. Some are hungry, some struggle with mental health issues, others need transportation to get to medical appointments or are homeless.

And, others in our community have an opportunity. An opportunity to Make Change Possible.

You see, what we do isn’t possible without you. You, the donors. You make change possible! As we announce some wonderful and ambitious goals, let’s celebrate the generosity of this community and together bring changer where it is needed most.

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