Ryan’s Blog: Christmas Thoughts

Ryan's Blog: Christmas Thoughts

I grew up among some of the most compassionate and generous people in the world – Mennonites. While my family was not “Old Order” or “Amish”, my more modern Mennonite community was strong, resilient, compassionate and generous. Christmas, in particular, brought these values into focus as we gathered to celebrate, eat, eat some more, and consider those around us in need. It was a time to give and a time to receive. I learned a lot, and still stay connected to my roots. Now that I’m a part of an organization that exemplifies the values I grew up with, I can carry that legacy into my working life. In many ways I see the United Way as an organization that helps our community be strong, resilient, compassionate and generous. Will you join me in this important work? As a community, together, we can demonstrate our concern for our neigbours and friends in need. Please give generously of your time and money as we enjoy the holiday season.

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