Ridesharing in Perth and Huron

Ridesharing in Perth and Huron

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The Huron Perth Transportation Task Force is a Force is a community committee convened by the United Way Perth Huron, for the purpose of improving access to transportation. Formed in June 2012, the task force is made up of a number of different community partners including municipal representatives, human service providers, and transportation providers.

They include:

• The Counties of Perth and Huron
• Huron Perth Children’s Aid Society
• Huron County Planning and Development
• Huron Perth Healthcare Alliance
• Huron County Health Unit
• ONE CARE Home and Community Support Services
• Stratford Social Services
• Gateway Rural Health Research Institute
• Huron Perth Student Transportation Services
• Town of St. Marys
• Community Outreach Services, Milverton
• Victim Services Bruce Grey Perth
• CFUW Stratford

The taskforce is currently working to implement a ‘rideshare’ pilot program in the two counties as a short term transportation solution.

Ridesharing, also known as carpooling, is the sharing of car journeys with two or more people.

A ridesharing program is a web-based portal that manages and tracks user activity and rideshare matches. Individuals register, input their travel schedules and find potential matches to carpool with.

Employer Carpool Groups

Individuals who look for carpool matches to get to and from work form the majority of program users. Employers can also create their own ‘employer carpool group’ where employees can register with their company email address to find other employees in the same work place to carpool to and from work. This has several benefits:
– employees can find other employees who may live close to them and would not have known otherwise
– new employees, such as students, who do not have a reliable means of transportation can carpool with existing employees
– Reduced staff turnover related to poor access to transportation

The City of London and the Region of Waterloo both have implemented rideshare programs with employers. The Region of Waterloo has 23 registered employers and the City of London has 16 registered employers. The program used by the City of London is operated by Pathway Intelligence, the same company that the Task Force has considered for Huron and Perth. This would allow both programs to be integrated so that users in the two regions can have access to a larger user pool that can result in more available matches.

Program Support:

We are interested to hear your thoughts on a possible rideshare program in Huron and Perth counties. Please respond to the following questions on behalf of your company:

Ridesharing in Perth & Huron Survey


For any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Jassamine Tabibi, Transportation Coordinator at transportation@perthhuron.unitedway.ca or (519) 271- 7730.

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