RFP: Research Report

RFP: Research Report

The Social Research and Planning Council (SRPC), operated by the United Way Perth-Huron, identifies local issues and trends, prioritizes local research directions and collects, collates and disseminates relevant community reports. The SRPC relies on social research to initiate, participate or facilitate social planning initiatives.

Requests for Proposals for the next SRPC research project: How much is enough? Impact of Low Incomes on Households and Communities in Huron and Perth Counties

In 2015, the SRPC calculated a “living wage” for Huron and Perth County as $16.47 an hour. To continue the discussion, the SRPC is now commissioning research to consider the impact on households and communities of not having a living wage/income. The research will also consider the experience and role of employers.

RFPs are being accepted until Friday March 2 at 5 pm.

Click for more details: SRPC RFP How much is enough. Feb 9 2018

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