Quality of Life Report

Quality of Life Report


Blog by Ryan Erb, Executive Director

Quality of Life Report Released:

The 2014 Quality of Life Report has been released! This report aggregates a number of important measures about our community as a whole. Here are a few highlights:

Like many areas across Ontario, Huron and Perth are experiencing a number of challenges. The population is aging, and seniors (over age 65) now make up a higher percentage of the populace than children (under age 15). Voter turnout rates are on the decline, and citizens are less likely to vote in municipal and school board elections, than in federal and provincial ones. The Watershed Report Cards published by the local conservation authority areas reveal that the quality of the local surface water and forested areas are below provincial standards. Over half the population is obese or overweight, and these rates have flat-lined. Physical activity rates are starting to go up, yet there is room for improvement. And, at least one in 10 residents is living in poverty, struggling to pay for rising food and shelter costs.

And yet, despite these areas we may be falling behind, all know this is an incredible place to live! The rural environment that characterizes Perth and Huron contributes positively to quality of life, bringing strong friendships, attachments, and a willingness of neighbours to lend a helping hand. This is most evident when we considered Community Vitality domain and found that three-quarters of the population reported a strong sense of belonging to the community – consistently well above the provincial average, and over 90% of people saying they are satisfied or very satisfied with life in general.

We were also pleased to discover that this incredibly safe place to live.
The Crime Severity Index (CSI) is a comprehensive indicator of safety in Canada. It measures not only how much crime is coming to the attention of police, but also the seriousness of that crime relative to other offenses. In Perth and Huron the Crime Severity Index rates are very low.

There is much more to read. Visit: http://perthhuron.unitedway.ca/social-research-planning-council/community-reports/

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