United Way Strikes North Perth Community Committee

United Way Strikes North Perth Community Committee

The North Perth Regional Community Committee of United Way Perth-Huron is meeting this Wednesday in Listowel to discuss local community challenges and ways that United Way can lend support and presence. This is the second time the committee has met. The committees function is to advise the UWPH Allocations Process ensuring local information and local needs are represented, as well as assisting with local fundraising efforts.

So far the committee consists of local residents including Patricia Berflez, Sharon D’Arcy, Cheryl Mann, Scott McDonald, Jordan Moat, Amy Sauage-Gangl, Todd Skipper, Kriss Snell, Tami Stratton, Scott Vader and Debbie Miller.

Ryan Erb, United Way Perth-Huron’s Executive Director, explains “The United Way’s role is facilitating the process of having the committee itself identify challenges within the community and proposing a solution, program or service to address the gap area. This is a North Perth project, United Way is here to lend support and guidance in a way indicated by the committee itself”.

Once the need is identified, a corresponding fundraising goal amount will be determined. Agencies or programs that can deliver the service to address the need will be encouraged to submit and expression of interest to receive funding in May. The project campaign funds will be raised over and above the regular United Way Campaign funds, operating as a parallel campaign unique to North Perth. Erb further explains “This is a pilot project for the United Way and we hope to see it rolling out in other communities in the near future to do an even better job of addressing localized challenges within the region of Perth and Huron Counties.”

United Way Perth-Huron improves lives and builds strong local communities by bringing changes where it is needed most. United Way acts as a funder, partner, convener, advocate, incubator and researcher while servicing nearly 50 supported partners.

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For more information or to set up an interview with Ryan Erb, Executive Director, contact 1-877-818-8867 or 271-7730 or via email at campaign@perthhuron.unitedway.ca.

View or download the Media Release here: 2015 Media Release – North Perth Community Committee (PDF).

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