May is Leave a Legacy Month

May is Leave a Legacy Month

Have you considered Planned Giving?

United Way Perth-Huron’s Forever Fund

“Planting the Seeds of Change”


“The greatest use of a life is to spend it on something that will outlast it.” – William James

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One of the themes of United Way is “Planting the Seeds of Change”; change for today, change for tomorrow. United Way is often only known for its annual campaign, but it is so much more than that. United Way is not only a funder, but a partner, an advocate, a researcher, a convener and a planner. Planning for the future is one of the key focuses of the Forever Fund.

The Forever Fund, founded in 1991 is United Way Perth-Huron’s endowment foundation which works to support the organization through invested capital. All funds kindly donated to the Forever Fund generate income which is used to support the United Way Perth-Huron’s strategic priorities. By donating to the Forever Fund, the principle remains intact forever, and only the generated income is used. Donors can choose to support any or all of the United Way Perth-Huron’s strategic priorities through major gifts to the Forever Fund including, wills and bequests, securities and other assets. Building towards our future, the Forever Fund is designed to ensure that the United Way of Perth-Huron will remain a vibrant community pillar for the sake of our children and our children’s children.
The Case for Planned Giving

In the current socio-economic climate, charities and social service agencies across the province are challenged by increased demand for their services, while facing cut backs in government funding. United Way Perth-Huron already receives more applications for funding than can be met.

As a response to the changing socio-economic dynamics of the community, the United Way Perth-Huron Forever Fund helps ensure donor investments today will fulfill their vision of tomorrow. Gifts to the Forever Fund are permanent, conservative investments deposited into an endowment fund. The annual income generated will be used to support innovative and effective community programs. Sustaining the endowment fund with planned gifts will enable more funding to be allocated to more agencies, projects and programs. Donors can make significant contributions to the local community while receiving financial benefits now or in the future – reducing taxes, supplementing income, and maximizing the benefits to estates and beneficiaries.

A Planned Gift is an individual commitment to the future of an organization. It is important to think about and discuss the benefits of leaving a charitable gift with a professional, such as a lawyer, accountant, insurance agent, financial or estate planner to assist you in making the most appropriate gift you can give.

Donating to an Endowment Fund is an opportunity to:
• continue an annual gift in perpetuity;
• invest in future generations; and
• provide a personal long-term legacy to the community.

Giving Options Include:
• Cash
• Securities/commonly traded stock
• Bequest in will
• Charitable life insurance
• Real Estate

Opportunities for Giving:
Considering a gift to an endowment fund does not necessarily mean estate planning. Many occasions merit consideration including:
• Anniversaries
• Baptisms
• Birthdays
• Confirmations
• Graduations
• In-Memoriams
• Retirements

United Way Perth-Huron Agencies, Projects and Programs providing services in Perth and Huron County

  •  211
  • Autism Ontario
  • Avon Cooperative Nursery School
  • Project Click
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters of Listowel & District
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters of North Huron
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters of Stratford & District
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters of South Huron
  • Blankets for Canada
  • CNIB
  • Community Living Stratford and Area
  • Central Huron Secondary School – Mental Health Presentation
  • Community Outreach Services
  • Discover North Perth
  • Emily Murphy Centre
  • Epilepsy Huron Perth
  • The Healthline
  • Family Services Perth-Huron
  • Facile Perth
  • Huron County Food Bank Distribution Centre
  • Huron Hospice Volunteer Service
  • Huron Safe Homes for Youth
  • Huron Women’s Shelter
  • John Howard Society of London & District
  • Leads Employment Services
  • Listowel Secondary School – Mental Health Presentation
  • Local Community Food Centre
  • Multicultural Association of Perth-Huron
  • ONE Care Home & Community Support Services
  • Partners in Employment
  • Perth District Health Unit – Female Teen Esteem Program
  • PF Solutions/Training-4-Success
  • Rogers First Local
  • Rural Response for Healthy Children
  • Social Research & Planning Council
  • St. John’s Cooperative Preschool
  • St. Marys St. John Ambulance
  • St. Marys Youth Centre
  • Stratford City Centre Committee
  • Stratford/Perth Shelterlink
  • Stratford St. John Ambulance
  • Stratford Symphony Orchestra
  • Stratford-Perth Family YMCA
  • The Next Step
  • United Centre
  • VON Perth-Huron
  • Volunteer Connection
  • Volunteers in Perth
  • YMCAs of Southwestern Ontario – Youth Recreation Subsidy Program in Huron County
  • Transportation Task Force
  • Winter Warmth

By donating to an endowment fund, you will guarantee that a charity/foundation can provide support to local organizations far into the future.

“I wanted to do something that would ensure my support of the United Way would continue, even when I’m gone. Leaving a bequest in my will was easy and straightforward and I feel good knowing that I am helping to shape the future of my community”. Forever Fund donor

For more information on the United Way Perth-Huron or Forever Fund visit or 519-271-7730.

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