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Employee Retention
cohesive values in the non-profit organization.
April 04 ∙ 1:00PM – 4:00PM ∙ Stratford
$35 per participant

Working in a non-profit organization is a ‘calling’. It isn’t for everyone and finding the right people to engage in your mission with any longevity, may be difficult. Join me for a 3-hour workshop on a new philosophy of hiring not just a warm body for the position, but hiring an individual that authentically has the same values as your organization. With common values, employee engagement leads to fulfillment and employee retention.  Taking a unique position with the hiring process by matching individual values with organizational values provides a sustainable opportunity to make a hiring decision that has positive long-term results for the new employee and the organization.

Facilitated by Lucie M.H Fournier , RN, COHN (C), DHMHS, BA (Psych)
Fournier disability & Health Management Solutions

Social Media
in the non-profit world
April 11 ∙ 9:30AM – 12:30PM ∙ Clinton
April 18 ∙ 9:30AM – 12:30PM ∙ Listowel
$35 per participant

Whether you know a little or a lot about social media – there are stills stumbling blocks on each platform that we just can’t wrap our minds around.  The first half of the workshop moves through the most useful platforms, the best uses for non-profits and the demographics of our area and how the platforms have changed and updated over the past few years.   The second half of the workshop is based in strategy, planning, analytics and tracking.  An additional discussion will relate to creating and controlling online conversations.

  • Instagram, You tube, Twitter and Facebook as it relates to non-profits
  • Live streaming
  • Analytics and tracking.
  • Social media strategy, purpose, planning and reporting
  • Creating and controlling social media conversation

Facilitated by Susan Manning-Faber,  MBA  BComm CRS


Susan demonstrated a broad and comprehensive grasp of social media platforms, information and skills.  Pacing of the workshop was very good – it allowed the participants to absorb and to ask questions.  Susan also included lots of practical examples and demonstrations.  I highly recommend both Susan and the workshop to anyone seeking to promote an organization or business through advanced social media skills!

– Charlene Gordon (Edmonds & Gordon Inc.) Rotary Club of Stratford, Social Media Workshop

Susan was a patient and informative teacher.  She was purposeful as she led our group through what initially felt like murky waters, leaving us enriched with a much better understanding of the social media landscape following our time together.  We are lucky to have such an informed resource in our community.

– Sarah Hamza (Stratford Festival) Rotary Club of Stratford, Social Media Workshop

Financial Training for Non-Financial People
May 02 ∙ 1:00PM – 4:00PM ∙ Stratford
$35 per participant

If fear and worry strike you when you start to think about financial topics, then this workshop is for you. Learn how to understand financial concepts and applications in a non-financial environment.

This workshop will:

  • Identify types of financial statements and how to read them
  • Understand internal controls
  • Learn financial terminology
  • Teach Board responsibilities as they relate to finances

Kathy Cook Noble Hons.B.Comm, MBA, MPA, MSc
Financial Strategist,  Insurance Representative,  Mutual Fund Representative

Managing Stress
helping others and managing your own
May 16 ∙ 9:30AM – 12:30PM ∙ Clinton
$35 per participant

This workshop presents information about what occupational stress is; how to recognize the signs of its existence and factors that can influence the level of stress. The emphasis is on how to manage occupational stress. We will look at methods of dealing with occupational stress in a variety of situations to ensure that it contributes to the wellbeing of the members of the organization and that the negative effects of stress are recognized and managed.

  • Capacity to cope with stress and its impact on behavior and attitude
  • Significance of disruptive stress – recognizing the signs
  • Handling potentially stressful situations more effectively and helping others
  • Techniques for coping and for lowing stress at work and at home

Facilitated by Susan Manning-Faber,  MBA  BComm CRS
Workshop created in partnership with  Carolyn Woszczyna, M.A., R.P.  RGA Psychological & Counselling Services

Corporate Governance and Board Responsibilities
May 30 ∙ 1:00PM – 4:00PM ∙ Stratford
$35 per participant

Joining a Board of Governors or Board of Directors comes with roles and responsibilities. There are many areas for new members to become familiar with, in addition, to understanding the organization they joined.

This workshop will:

  • Identify Board dynamics between Board members and Executives (ex. CEO)
  • The role of the Board
  • How to work effectively as a Board
  • Understand financial responsibilities

Kathy Cook Noble Hons.B.Comm, MBA, MPA, MSc
Financial Strategist,  Insurance Representative,  Mutual Fund Representative

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