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Poverty to Possibility
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From Poverty to Possibility

Meeting basic human needs and moving people out of poverty. In a community where everyone matters, we create opportunities for individuals and families to not just survive in our community, but to thrive and contribute. Poverty is a far reaching, complex issue. It touches everyone from children to seniors in our community.

  • GOAL A: People are financially secure
  • GOAL B: People have their basic needs met

Lee’s Story:

Life has taken a sudden turn for Lee. He can no longer drive. Lee has had several heart attacks and most recently a stroke and this means that he is no longer allowed to drive. This is not an easy pill to swallow. Lee lives independently, and while he has not been able to work for some time, he appreciated and valued the ability to have his own vehicle to get around. Since losing his license Lee has come to rely on others. Lee has regular specialist appointments with doctors and he needs transportation to get out for groceries, errands and other activities that are part of his daily life. ONE CARE’s transportation services have given Lee the support and he needs to be independent. Lee is also very appreciative that he receives a subsidy on the cost of his transportation based on his low income and a completed financial assessment. Lee hopes that someday he has recovered enough from his health conditions that he can drive himself. In the meantime, Lee says that ONE CARE has helped him overcome a big hurdle in his life.



Program Information
Family Services Perth-Huron
Family Services Perth-Huron
Credit Counseling supports individuals/families in financial jeopardy often due to circumstances beyond their control i.e. economic recovery, job loss, physical/mental illness or family break-up. Financial literacy, personal money management/budget counseling, consumer/credit education and debt management programs are offered. Each person’s unique situation is assessed with a customized plan. Advocacy assists individuals taken financially advantage of i.e. vulnerable seniors. – Office: Stratford (Main) & Listowel
Serves All of Huron & Perth

PF Solutions
PF Solutions
PF Solutions (PF) is a practice first program where individuals facing multiple barriers to employment attend over a period of time to upgrade their skills and gain work experience, increasing their employability. Employers require staff that know work expectations and turn up every day. They need to see an applicant has done the job before – so they can be confident that they can do it again.

Barriers to employment include having never worked, absence from the work force, transitioning because of health challenges, new graduates (youth & second career), new to Canada, disabilities, lack of confidence/self-esteem and skill gaps.

Helping participants that face these barriers is an individual process, one that requires daily mentoring, structure, guidance, motivation and encouragement and allows the participant to work at his/her own pace. Individuals can’t be helped by a cookie cutter program, or thrown into the workplace to immediately fail – the approach needs to be customized, versatile, and flexible while offering the structure and guidance needed. The more confident a person is in their own ability, the more apt they are at succeeding in the workforce.

PF currently helps between 30-36 participants a year to gain employment, this includes 6-8 OW recipients. – Office: Stratford
Serves: Huron & Perth

Program Information
Huron Women's Shelter
Huron Women’s Shelter
The Emergency Shelter provides:

  • 24-hour crisis telephone response to women who experience abuse and homeless women
  • 24-hour referral sources to all who call in a safe and secure residency for women and their children
  • Safety planning
  • Counseling, advocacy for both women and children
  • Food and personnel needs are provided for residents of emergency shelter
  • Support in obtaining income supports, housing and legal matters (system navigators)
  • Children are provided with formal and informal counseling ensuring they receive the message that the abuse was not their fault
  • Staff members provide Public Education about woman abuse and women’s equality rights to the community – Office: Goderich
Serves: All of Huron

Living Options for Youth (LOFY) has been in operation since 2004 and offers an opportunity for at-risk youth to find safety and stability in their lives. At LOFY, youth have access to a shared kitchen, lounge and laundry room, while living in a private bedroom. Weekly cleaning of the residence and sheet-change is provided by SGH Residence janitorial staff.

Food is provided to the youth of LOFY through the donation of leftover SGH cafeteria food daily, daily donations from Coffee Culture and from the Local Community Food Centre.
Once in LOFY, youth participate in important Life Skills training, are assisted with short and long-term goal development, and are offered access to resources they may need.

Emergency Community Placement offers immediate, same-day assistance to youth in a housing crisis. Youth between the ages of 16-24 without a place to sleep that night, qualify for the program. An assessment is done by the Case Manager to learn why the youth needs assistance. If the youth calls after hours or on weekends, then LOFY staff handle the assessment over the phone and arrange for the youth to meet with the Case Manager on the next day. Stratford’s local motels have Emergency kits
that include hygiene supplies, grocery cards and contact numbers.

Having met with the Case Manager, a housing plan, community referrals, assistance with social services, school, and employment opportunity actions are taken. This is a partnership with City of Stratford Social Services. – Office: Stratford
Serves: All of Perth

Huron County Food Bank Distribution Centre
Huron County Food Bank Distribution Centre
HCFBDC sources small and large shipments of food from farmers and companies. Quantities of food are divided into more manageable orders and distributed to local food banks and aid agencies. Since 2009 HCFBDC has distributed more than 1.5 million pounds of food to 66 different clients through ongoing deliveries. These clients support hungry families in their communities every day and the numbers are increasing on a yearly basis. Each $10,000 donation will buy a tractor trailer load of food for distribution.

UWPH funds the Neighbours Helping Neighbours Program a program that enables HCFBDC to provide food banks with their increasing food security needs. – Office: Centralia
Serves 65 Food Bank locations in: Huron & Perth

The Local Community Food Centre
The Local Community Food Centre
The Storehouse at The Local Community Food Centre is a food distribution hub that has been set up in Stratford via a partnership between The United Way of Perth Huron and Community Food Centres Canada. Its purpose is to connect not-for-profit food programs such as food banks, community meals, student nutrition programs, and other organizations like shelters and group homes, with increased
access to donated and strategically purchased healthy food. Most of these organizations have been unable to connect their community members with fresh produce or unprocessed ingredients due to a lack of capacity. Large scale donations from food industry were missed out on because of a lack of a storage and handling space. The Storehouse includes a 250+ square foot walk-in cooler and 250+ square foot walk-in freezer so that donations of perishable food from industry and agriculture can be safely brought in, stored and distributed out to these organizations. Healthy nonperishable food is also accepted in large scale donations. We are requesting funding to continue to develop this resource via staffing costs, overhead costs such as utilities and capacity building costs such as shelving. – Office: Stratford
Serves: All of Perth



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