Supported Partners

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Supported Partner Services and contact info available in your Municipality
Supported Partner Overview 2016-2019 Comprehensive (revised)
Support Partner Overview 2016-2019 - Poverty to Possibility
Support Partner Overview 2016-2019 - All That Kids Can Be
Support Partner Overview 2016-2019 - Strong Communities


Autism Ontario Huron-Perth **

Ensures that each individual with ASD is provided the means to achieve quality of life as a respected member of society.

Active Minds logo

Active Minds: South Huron ***

Striving to minimize the stigma of Mental Illness in South Huron. Hosts event to help students find constructive ways to feel mentally well.

Blankets for Canada **

An organization devoted to creating blankets for Canadians who need warmth. Find out more.

Choices for Change

Funding for: Crossing Bridges

Choices for Change

A community based agency providing professional counselling, resources and support for the treatment and prevention of substance abuse and problem gambling or behavioral addiction. Provides support for individuals and their families so they can learn to manage their unique concerns and lead healthy, fulfilling lives. Crossing Bridges is a youth drop-in program that provides information to assist in dealing with their substance use. Find out more.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Listowel & District Big Brothers Big Sisters of North Huron

Funding for: One to one Traditional Matching Program

Big Brothers Big Sisters

The agency’s programs and services focus on mentoring and meeting the needs of youth ages 6 – 16 years. Key mentoring initiatives foster growth and development in the following areas: physical, intellectual, emotional, and social/cultural. Transforming children into confident, compassionate, and motivated young people.


Funding for: Early Intervention Services

Canadian National Institute for the Blind

Provides vision rehabilitation, orientation and mobility services. Includes early intervention services, volunteer services, library services and deaf-blind services. Find out more.

Community Outreach

Funding for: Transportation Services

Community Outreach Services

Provides transportation and meals-on-wheels programs to promote dignity and independence, active and healthy lifestyles, good nutrition, and socialization for people with mobility challenges.

Connect Youth Perth-Huron

An online resource for the youth of Perth and Huron Counties to make educated decisions about their lives. Find out more. 


Facile **

Assists people with disabilities and their families in Perth, Huron, Grey, and Bruce Counties to plan for and build a good life in community. Offers independent facilitation and planning. Supporting people in self determination, network development and participating and contributing to their communities. Find out more.

Funding for: Individual, Family & Group Counselling

Family Services Perth-Huron

A non-profit, community-based, family service agency dedicated to supporting, strengthening and enriching individual, couple and family life by providing individualized counselling, support, advocacy and educational services that meet the needs of the community. Find out more.

Huron Food Bank Distribution Centre

Funding for: Neighbours Helping Neighbours Program

Huron County Food Bank Distribution Centre

Sources small and large shipments of food from farmers and companies. Quantities of food are divided into more manageable orders and distributed to 65 local food banks and aid agencies. Provides food security to everyone that has a need. Working to make hunger non-existent. Find out more.

Nerd Nite - Cultural Collective logo

Nerd Nite: South Huron ***

The Cultural Collective is a youth-led cultural organisation based in South Huron. Enriching the community through arts and culture and providing a safe space for youth to meet, socialise, and build a sense of community. Find out more.


i Volunteer Perth-Huron

An online volunteer centre. Delivers positive and rewarding volunteer experiences for all volunteers and member organizations in Huron and Perth Counties. Strives to increase volunteerism by providing enhanced access to volunteer opportunities and innovative tools for attraction, engagement, retention and recognition of volunteers. Find out more.

John Howard Society of London and District

Funding for: Institutional Visiting and Reintegration Support

John Howard Society of London & District **

Provides counselling, advocacy and discharge planning to persons who are incarcerated in the Stratford Jail, and information, counselling and emotional support to their family members. Assists individuals and families who are at risk of, or who have come into conflict with the law. Find out more.



A non-profit employment and skills development service. Provides services to people with disabilities and those who have employment related barriers. Gainfully securing employers and building relationships with employers to ensure their needs are met. Find out more.

Legal Aid Ontario

Legal Aid Ontario **

Promotes access to justice throughout Ontario for low-income individuals. Find out more.

One Care

Funding for: Easy Ride

ONE Care Home & Community Support Services

Provides support services for those experiencing mobility challenges. Find out more.

Poverty to Prosperity in Huron

Poverty to Prosperity in Huron

A collaborative and action-based group that brings people together from across sectors to improve the lives of individuals who live in poverty. Comprised of services, supports, citizens, organizations and networks that focus on building the capacity of Huron County to eliminate poverty and its impact. Find out more.

DigiWriting logo

DigiWriting **

Hosts literary events including the Stratford Writers Festival. Find out more.

St Marys Action Centre logo

St. Marys Action Centre

Established to help all Kraft-Heinz employees find new positions and is available to assist potential employers with referrals. Offers job-finding services, skill-building workshops, resume writing assistance, computer and printer resources, etc. Funded by Employment Ontario and Kraft-Heinz. Operated by United Way Perth-Huron. Find out more.

St. Marys Youth Centre

A drop-in facility that provides a supervised space for community youth in grades 4 and up to engage in diverse programming and events.  Committed to providing the youth of St. Marys and area with a safe and inclusive space to socialize and build positive relationships, encourage development and reinforce positive play. Offers programs including in-house recreational programs, food programs, and registered fitness programs. Find out more. 

Stratford Symphony Orchestra

Stratford Symphony Orchestra **

Offers a life-enriching experience through a shared passion for live music performance. Find out more.

Huron Women's Shelter

Funding for: The Emergency Shelter

Huron Women's Shelter Second Stage Housing and Councelling Services

Provides 24 hour telephone crisis response, safety planning, counselling and basic needs for those experiencing abuse and homelessness. Find out more.

Emily Murphy Centre

Funding for: Child Witness Program

Emily Murphy Centre

Established to empower abused women to offset the effects of abuse. Through the provision of services for women and children, second stage housing provides a safe alternative to living with violence. Find out more.

YMCA of Stratford Perth

Funding for: The West Perth Youth Centre & Membership Assistance

Stratford Perth Family YMCA

Delivers proven programs encouraging personal development and healthy living for families and individuals of all ages at its two health and fitness sites in Stratford and St Marys; Youth Centres in Stratford and Mitchell; and ten early learning and school age program sites. Find out more.

YMCA of Goderich-Huron

Funding for: Huron County Recreation, Arts & Sports Program

Goderich-Huron YMCA

Offers programs to encourage healthy activities. Find out more.

Shelterlink - Stratford Perth

Funding for: Living Options for Youth & Emergency Community Placement

Stratford/Perth Shelterlink

Serves youth between the ages of 16-24 who are either homeless or are at-risk of becoming homeless by providing access to shelter, basic needs, community resources, counselling, advocacy and life skills. Find out more.

Huron Safe Homes for Youth

Funding for: The Extended Care Program

Huron Safe Homes for Youth

Responds to crisis and emergency situations involving young people and their families/caregivers in an attempt to (where possible) restore the family unit. Provides basic needs and assists youth and families in developing and maintaining community linkages. Find out more.

211 Logo


An information and referral service that provides the people of Ontario with information on community and social services. When you dial 211, you are connected with a Specialist who will assess your needs, answer your questions accurately, and advise you about the services and programs that are best for you and your loved ones. The service operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and in over 150 languages.  Find out more.

SRPC logo square

Funding for: Community Trends Platform

Social Research & Planning Council

Dedicated to the collection, analysis and distribution of information relating to local social trends and issues. Find out more.

Transportation Task Force logo

Transportation Task Force

A collective impact initiative dedicated to improve transportation services in Perth and Huron Counties.

The Local Community Food Centre

The Local Community Food Centre

A welcoming space where people come together to grow, cook, share and advocate for good food. Provides emergency access to high-quality food in a dignified setting that doesn't compromise people’s self-worth. Find out more.

PF Solutions

PF Solutions

A free customized administrative work experience program to help those facing barriers attain employment. Provides low cost business solutions to local start ups and non- profits. Offers workforce training to business and individuals. Find out more.

New Intiative Grants

New Initiative Grants

UWPH recognizes that encouraging new approached and innovations in community services and programs are important. Created to respond to emerging needs, test and evaluate new models of service, support collaborative partnerships or smaller-scale projects, and assist in the pilot of new projects. Annual Grant. Find out more.

* = New Initiative Grants

United Centre

United Centre

Hosts a number of tenants who are supported by the United Way by receiving subsidized rent and shared services. Find out more.

** = United Centre Tenant

Youth in Action Grants

Youth Grants

This grant is to assist young leaders in addressing issues that are important to them and their community. Projects must have a lead youth and an adult trustee to assist in the stewardship of funds. Annual grant. Find out more.

*** = Youth Grant Recipients

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