About Us

PURPOSE:  The Huron – Perth Transportation Task Force will collaborate across economic sectors to improve transportation services for all residents.

WHO WE ARE:  The Huron – Perth Transportation Task Force is made up of representatives from a cross-section of local human service providers. It will expand, and/or contract to meet the needs of the group, including but limited to, encouraging private sector participation when appropriate.

MEETINGS:  Meetings will be held at least quarterly, facilitated and supported by the United Way of Perth Huron until such time as another organization is deemed more appropriate by the Task Force. Meetings will alternate between Perth and Huron counties, as possible.


1)    To improve access to services for rural and urban residents. Services include:  medical appointments, mental health, addictions and otherwise

2)    To increase collaboration, resulting in efficiencies for service providers and their funders

3)    To connect residents to larger urban centers for social, recreational, educational, and employment purposes

4)    To improve access to employment opportunities

5)    To connect employers with a larger workforce

6)    Consider our approach to potential funders



1)    Review findings from recent reports including “The Road Ahead” and Huron County’s Transportation Demand Management Plan

2)    Further research best practices from other communities

3)    Further research provincial gas tax funding

4)    Further research existing transportation service provision, agency budgets etc.

5)    Further research Go Service for Stratford and region

6)    To investigate with Trillium, how they can best support our efforts

7)    To establish other task force priorities and their begin implementation

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