Huron-Perth Transportation Task Force

Huron-Perth Transportation Task Force

The Huron – Perth Transportation Task Force is a community committee convened by United Way-Perth Huron for the purpose of improving access to transportation. Click here for a list of participating agencies and organizations.

The task force was formed after the Social Research and Planning Council’s 2012 report, “The Road Ahead: A study of transportation needs across Huron and Perth counties” recommended that a “a dual county Transportation Improvement Task Force made up of representatives from municipal governments, and relevant organizations from sectors including health, social services, and education” be formed.

Transportation is a major issue in our community, much like other rural communities, and we are hopeful that our efforts will improve transportation so that everyone can access essential services, find reliable transportation for employment, and participate in social and community events.

Click here for the link to the Huron-Perth 2013 Transportation Needs Results

Click here for the 2012 Transportation Report:

Transportation Report Cover 1

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