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Workplaces that run an annual United Way campaign are vital to our ongoing success. With volunteers overseeing fundraising efforts, we remain effective. This, in turn, allows us to make an even bigger impact. Workplace campaigns and volunteerism can also lead to great benefits for you;
(A) As an employee – practice/acquire leadership skills, get to know your peers and help a great cause. OR
(B) As the employer— more engaged employees and an enhanced corporate image.

For more information, or to start your workplace campaign, please contact us by calling at 519-271-7730

Please click the links below to view or download the PDF files.

UWPH Letter – Unaddressed (PDF)

Employee Campaign Coordinator Guide 2016 (PDF)

Fillable Donor Pledge Form 2016 (PDF)

Donor Pledge Form 2016 (PDF)

Third Party Event Guidelines UWPH (PDF)

Retiree Program – 2016  (PDF)


UWPH OnePager 2016 (PDF)

UWPH Thermometer Poster 2016 (PDF)

UWPH Campaign Poster 2016 (PDF)

UWPH Display Poster 11×17 2016 (PDF)

Supported Partners

Please click here to go to the Supported Partner PDF files.

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United Way Perth-Huron Kick Off 2016 Intro Video:


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