Youth Grant

Youth Grant


 2014-2015 Youth Grants applications are now closed!

Application Deadline was October 20, 2014 will reopen next September

 To apply for a Youth Grant, visit:


For instructions on how to set up an account and submit a grant application click here.

Criteria, Priorities, and Timeline

With the help of our funders and community partners, the United Way Perth-Huron (UWPH) provides funding up to $1,000 for youth led projects in the community. Through this grant, the UWPH is working to meet needs across a broad geographic area, inclusive of all communities across Perth and Huron Counties. UWPH strives to make funds accessible to young leaders who are working to make positive change in the community.

Priorities for Funding

Priority will be given to projects that:

  • Present a unique idea that has not been done before
  • Focus on the promotion of community involvement and wellbeing among youth
  • Show a high degree of collaboration
  • Raise awareness about youth issues and concerns


The following criteria are required for successful applicants:

  • There is both a Lead Youth Applicant (ages 14-25) and an Adult Trustee (age 25+) supporting the project
  • The project is planned and implemented by youth and clearly engages the youth community within Perth-Huron
  • The program is consistent with the Missions, Aspirations, and Values of the United Way
  • The Lead Youth Applicant will produce a Final Report by the specified date on the grant contract
  • The program funds will not be used to the benefit of partisan, political, or religious groups or associations
  • The program will deliver no benefits to individual persons, families or organizations to the exclusion of others
  • The program objectives are specific and measurable
  • The program is legal and safe

Grant Processing Timeline

Please watch the website for application dates.

  • Youth Grant Committee to interview eligible applicants and contact successful candidates within one month of application date
  • Contract to be signed and 90% of funding released
  • Final report due by date specified on grant contract and final 10% of funding released

Project Ideas

Eligible projects include but are not limited to:

Events, workshops, or organizations that focus on youth activities, issues, and interests that may include guest speakers, multi-media presentations, musical acts, skill development, collective brainstorming, or the discussion of tough topics

  • Community art projects like murals, exhibits, and installations that address youth issues
  • Non-competitive sporting events that encourage an active and healthy lifestyle, youth engagement, and fun
  • Projects that focuses on environmental issues and takes steps to make communities within Perth-Huron more sustainable
  • Any other youth-led project, event, workshop, or organization that promotes positive change for the youth of Perth-Huron

Eligible Expenses

  • Direct programming (resources, guest speakers, thank you gifts, non-cash prizes)
  • Project materials (printing, photocopy, food, promotional)
  • Equipment (short term rental) and facilities

Non-Eligible Expenses/Projects

  • Cash Prizes
  • Staff salaries, benefits, administrative costs
  • Office space rental
  • Fundraising projects
  • Funding for individual or team travel
  • Projects that are not run primarily by youth
  • Incomplete applications

Conflicts of Interest

  • If two separate groups propose the same or similar projects the Youth Council will suggest a collaborative application to the applicants




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