Development & Demonstation Application

Development & Demonstration (D&D) Grants are a separate category of fund distribution that are used on a short term basis of one year as “seed” or “expansion” funding for:

  • new initiatives or emerging issues
  • emergencies or critical social issues
  • fostering partnership or co-operation among organizations or individuals
  • improving organizational structure
  • research into unmet community needs

All programs and initiatives applying for funding with United Way of Perth Huron must serve our geographic area of Perth and Huron Counties. They must also demonstrate:

  • the need for their service
  • their capacity to respond to that need
  • how they collaborate with and complement existing services
  • how the service aligns with the community priorities

Applications are vetted through a sound process such that all candidates have demonstrated not only a need, but also that their initiatives will have impact in the priority areas in which United Way of Perth Huron invests.

Programs not eligible for UWPH Funding:

The following types of programs are not eligible for UWPH funding:

  • Primarily cultural programs
  • Religious programs
  • Political programs
  • Programs directed at specific occupational groups
  • Medical research
  • Some categories of health services
  • Exclusionary programs
  • Duplicate programs
  • Programs that can be fully funded by sources other than the United Way

Expenses not eligible for UWPH Funding:

 Grants may cover operational expenses of new programs but not operational expenses of previously existing programs.

 Grants are primarily aimed at supporting services. However, if a service cannot be mounted without capital expenses, funding such capital expenses may be considered.

How to Apply for UWPH Development & Demonstration Grant Funding:

To apply for Development & Demonstration Grant funding, follow this link to logon.

For further information on how to navigate the application system please view the Application Guide here, or contact the UWPH Office via:

Email: or

Phone: 519-271-7730 ext. 225

Eligibility for funding will be determined prior to being given access to the funding application

Application Timeline:

Grant funding applications due January 5, 2015 at 5:00pm.


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