Day of Caring 2016

Day of Caring 2016

Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2016 Day of Caring!


On Friday June 3rd, 2016, individuals and local businesses volunteered their time and energy to give back to the community.

If you were unable to participate this year, you can save the date for next year:
Friday May 26th, 2017!


Here are some of the stories of those who volunteered.  You can click on the images to view a larger version.

Emily Murphy Centre – Allison and Poppy from Aisin

Allison and Poppy, from Aisin, return again to one of their favourite supported partners, The Emily Murphy Centre. They help out by weeding and beautifying the landscape surrounding the centre for the children and women residing there.  Allison says Aisin believes it’s very important and encourages their staff to be involved in making their communities a better place, especially environmentally.  She will be returning to split hostas and transplant in the fall!

Emily Murphy Centre - Stratford - 01

Emily Murphy Centre - Stratford - 02

The Local Community Food Centre, Stratford – Trillium Mutual Insurance

Steve Stacey from The Local Community Food Centre sends A big THANK YOU to our friends at Trillium Mutual Insurance who came out for the United Way Perth-Huron’s Day of Caring on Friday to help us spruce up our front gardens (a big job!). Their team has been incredibly supportive of our work at the Local – this year the Trillium Roots Foundation provided us with a grant to pay for upgrades to our greenhouse and it has never looked better! We really appreciate the partnership!!  The new hired green house worker is going to maintain the caring work Trillium helped with.

Local Community Food Centre - 01


Local Community Food Centre - 02


Local Community Food Centre - 03

One Care – Clinton Adult Day Program – Penny from Huron Perth Healthcare Alliance

Light Physical exercise  –  relaxing discussion in the lounge area – great warm lunch together with friends and peers – word games with an interactive white board crossword puzzle – computer games – cards

As a person working in a volunteer position that day Penny, an employee with Huron Perth Healthcare Alliance, said she could see how these friends gathering together on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays really are like family.  She said it is so beautiful to share with these folks and honour them in sharing with them in their stories and all that they have contributed.  This was Penny’s first time involved in United Way Perth-Huron’s Day of Caring.

Kay and Andrew Williams, C.E.O. Huron Perth Healthcare Alliance, enjoyed each other’s company sharing stories about life and challenged each other on computer wordsearch game.

One Care - Clinton - 01

One Care - Clinton - 02

One Care – Exeter Adult Day Program – Ben and Laurie

Discussions about cars and the difference between today’s cars and cars from yesteryear.

Ben, 10 years of age, said it was a lot of fun as he was helping the clients build racecars propelled by balloons for their racecar challenge at the end of the day. His mother Laurie, who works at Huron Perth Healthcare Alliance, enjoyed listening to the life stories of everyone there and how things have evolved with technology and women’s driving skills and responsibilities changing over the years.  Laurie thought this is a wonderful way for her and her son to educate themselves on what seniors have contributed to their community in the past and how they continue to be involved in the communities they live in currently.  What a wonderful program to be involved in.

One Care - Exeter - 01

One Care – Goderich Adult Day Program – Maya

As a person working in a volunteer position that day, Maya said her experience was wonderful and she got to engage in the client’s reality being inclusive with peers and enjoying social activities listening to their life stories.

One Care - Goderich - 01

Skate Park – St. Marys Youth Services

We had a successful Day of Caring out cleaning up the skate park and surround area.  The kids enjoyed it and the park looks much cleaner (and safer!)

Skate Park - 01






Day of Caring 2016 - Infograph


2016 - DOC Poster

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