Continuing to Build Strong Communities

Continuing to Build Strong Communities

Planning For a Community Hub in North Perth Continues

How do you continue to create strong communities?

It’s the question United Way Perth Huron (UWPH) and the North Perth Community Committee (NPCC) asked themselves when setting a direction for their work. Looking to build on past successes, such as the introduction of Crossing Bridges youth mental health and addictions program to Listowel and the increased awareness of United Way among people in North Perth, UWPH and the NPCC knew they had to aim high.

“The people of North Perth have been incredibly engaged with United Way, thanks in no small part to the work of Norma MacDonald, Amy Gangl, Kriss Snell, Kimberly Kowch, Tami Stratton, Christa Royce and Amanda Willie on the NPCC,” says Ryan Erb, UWPH Executive Director. “We knew our next project had to address what the communities of North Perth need as they move into the future. And we think the future includes a human service community hub.”

The community hub is a place where non-profit organizations come together to offer valuable programs and services to people in need all under one roof. With the support of UWPH, the North Perth Community Committee, the Municipality of North Perth, and the Kinsmen Club of Listowel; consultant Hannah Skinner has been working on a feasibility study to bring the details into focus.

“With the study, we’re learning about the possibilities and challenges of community hubs,” says Skinner. “We want to make sure this project has as much of a positive impact on people’s lives as possible.”

Using a thorough examination of pre-existing reports on community hubs as a springboard, Skinner has connected with hubs across the province to find out more about the realities of creating a hub that successfully supports its communities. Beyond that are interviews with possible tenants on their needs and the needs of the individuals they support, and a final report and recommendations. A presentation event will be held on December 13 outlining Skinner’s findings; allowing stakeholders such as potential tenants and the community at large a chance to see what the vision for the North Perth Hub looks like.  

“The concept of a community hub represents an exciting next step for the United Way in North Perth,” Norma Macdonald, chair of the North Perth Community Committee adds. “We look forward to sharing this with our community.”

United Way Perth-Huron is 100% local and supports almost 50 organizations and services across Perth and Huron Counties. To help United Way continue supporting these local services, donations are gladly accepted. Call 519-271-7730 or 1-877-818-8867, mail to 32 Erie Street, Stratford, ON  N5A 2M4 or visit

For more information or to set up an interview with Ryan Erb, Executive Director, please call    1-877-818-8867 or 519-271-7730 or email

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