Strategic Directions Summary

Strategic Directions
Strategic Plan Directions
(What We Hope to Achieve)
1. Collaborative & Cooperative Community 1.1 The communities of Perth and Huron understand clearly what UWPH and its partners can do to support them.
1.2 UWPH and its partners understand each other’s strengths, services and roles in meeting community needs.
1.3 UWPH harnesses its wide-ranging relationships to lead effective collaboration among community partners.
1.4 The communities of Perth and Huron have a stronger joint capacity to address community needs.
2. Evidence-Based Action 2.1 UWPH and its partners have better access to data to support local social planning.
2.2 UWPH and its partners take strategic and sustainable action, based on relevant data.
2.3 UWPH can demonstrate measurable impact of community investment.
3. Clearly Defined Priorities 3.1 UWPH sets strategic priorities by using local research, and engaging with community partners.
3.2 UWPH planning and decision-making are aligned with local priorities, and with those of the United Way movement.
3.3 UWPH works to ensure adequate resources are available to meet identified needs.
4. Increased Revenue & Resources 4.1 UWPH increases revenue by broadening the scope of its fundraising activities.
4.2 UWPH recruits and trains a targeted base of volunteers to address existing and emerging needs.
4.3 UWPH builds and maintains stronger relationships with its donors.

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