Privacy Policy

United Way Perth-Huron Privacy Policy


1. Principles

Employment and/or volunteer service (Service) at United Way Perth-Huron (UWPH) involves access to privileged information that is confidential.

2. Policy

All employees and volunteers at UWPH are required to hold in the strictest confidence, during the term of their Service and at all times thereafter all UWPH, donor, community partner, supported agency and Member Agency information (Information) that becomes known to them during the time of their Service at UWPH. This requirement applies especially to personal and corporate charitable donations, personnel records and detailed financial information.

From time to time, Information about personal and corporate charitable donations and selected UWPH, donor, community partner, supported agency or participating Member Agency financial information can be shared or disclosed, but only as identified in the Procedure section below.

A copy of this Privacy Policy & Procedure is provided to each UWPH employee and volunteer to demonstrate UWPH’s commitment to the privacy and confidentiality of Information. Service at UWPH is conditional upon the employee or volunteer signing the Agreement portion of this agreement and which indicates agreement that the employee or volunteer is bound by the intent and details of this Policy& Procedure.

3. Procedure

To protect Information, employees and volunteers will:

  • Understand the only authority to permit the release of Information rests with the UWPH Executive Director1 who will be guided by good judgment, UWPH policies, procedures and by-laws, and donor or agency permission as required
  • Share Information with the public as directed by the UWPH Executive Director1
  • Share Information between themselves, but only as required and only in an environment where it cannot be inadvertently overheard by others
  • Never provide Information in response to a public request for Information without the authorization of the UWPH Executive Director1
  • Release approved/authorized Information only on UWPH letterhead
  • Understand that breaching the intent of this policy and/or not adhering to the details of this procedure will be considered grounds for termination of Service

The UWPH Privacy Policy & Procedure shall not apply to information which:

  • Is available to the public through UWPH or other sources
  • Is rightfully received from a third party without restrictions on disclosure or confidentiality
  • Is approved for release by the Executive Director1
  • Is disclosed pursuant to a requirement of a governmental agency or by judicial requirement.


1            Or the Board of Directors in the absence of the Executive Director

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