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About United Way

1. What does the United Way logo mean?

The United Way logo is listed by Forbes® as the 26th most valuable brand in the world. It is called the helping hand symbol and is used by United Ways around the world.

Rainbow   The rainbow overhead, emerging from the hand to shelter the figure, represents hope for a better tomorrow.

Person The center image, based on the universal symbol of humanity, is cradled by the helping hand. It indicated that United Way cares about people, everywhere.

Hand The bottom is a helping hand symbolizing United Way’s support of services and programs that in turn support the people in local communities. The United Way helping hand symbol – a symbol of hope, of service and of help to people in our communities.  

2. Why should I give to United Way? I don’t use their services.

United Way Perth-Huron (UWPH) is a collaborative leader that improves lives and builds strong communities in Perth and Huron. United Way is a resource in addressing the underlying causes of problems and contributes to long-lasting community change. If you don’t receive support from a UWPH Supported Partner, it is very likely that you know someone (family member, friend, neighbour, co-worker) that does. By giving to UWPH, you are investing in your own community – where you live, work, learn and play.

Unfortunately, there are many individuals in our community who need our help. Consider an abused woman or child, an elderly person, or someone suffering from a mental or physical handicap. For many of these individuals a United Way funded agency provides the assistance they need to maintain their dignity, become integrated into the community and simply get a helping hand.

3. What is “United Way Centraide Canada” and how does it relate to local United Ways Centraides?

Today, there are over 100 United Ways Centraides across the country. Each one is an autonomous non-profit organization governed by a volunteer-led local Board of Directors. Each United Ways Centraide raises money and allocates funds locally to support its community.

The national office, United Way Centraide Canada, has a distinct role to provide leadership, guidance and support to local United Ways Centraides across the country.

Together, local United Ways Centraides and United Way Centraide Canada form the United Way Centraide Movement.

4. What standards does United Way Centraide Canada set for individual United Ways Centraides?

Paid employees and volunteer board members have a fiduciary and moral responsibility to businesses and individuals in the community who donate to a United Way Centraide. Membership to United Way Centraide Canada is governed by a membership agreement which gives United Ways Centraides the right to use the United Way Centraide name and logo and requires that they abide by certain standards.

Each United Way Centraide is locally autonomous, has its own Board of Directors and is incorporated, having its own charitable registration number and by-laws which stipulate such things as Board and quorum numbers.

The membership agreement signed by each United Way Centraide contains standards of excellence related to: human resources; financial resources; financial support; communications; and management.

5. What is United Way Centraide’s membership model?

Each United Way Centraide pays membership dues which are determined by a formula based on the amount raised by each United Way Centraide in its annual campaign. The formula is agreed upon each year by all United Ways Centraides during the Annual General Meeting. Each member United Way Centraide has one vote when items are brought forward for ratification at the Annual General Meeting.

 About Fundraising, Administration Costs and Financial Accountability

1. How much of my donation does United Way of Perth-Huron use for fundraising and administration costs?

  • As a registered Canadian charity, United Way is obliged to file a T3010 report with CRA annually, detailing all of its fundraising, administration, executive compensation and other costs. The latest CRA T3010 data can be found at www.cra-arc.gc.ca. This form includes salaries for several community programs funded through UWPH.
  • Every dollar donated and every dollar spent is accounted for in our independently audited financial statements and our annual report

To learn more about the administration costs of UWPH, please contact our office at 519-271-7730 or info@perthhuron.unitedway.ca.

2. How is United Way of Perth-Huron’s transparency & fiscal accountability monitored?

In many ways:

  • Management, staff and volunteer vigilance to maximize community impact with donated dollars.
  • Our volunteer Board of Directors conduct regular, in-depth reviews of United Way’s financial and community investment performance.
  • United Way of Perth-Huron, as a part of United Way Canada-Centraide, follows internal Transparency, Accountability and Financial Reporting (TAFR) guidelines which are intended to be defendable, acceptable, consistent, transparent and simple in providing standardized reporting by United Ways across Canada.
  • The accounting firm Famme & Co. Professional Corporations ensures that our financial statements are accurate and we operate in a fiscally responsible manner.

United Way of Perth-Huron’s annual T3010 filing with Canada Revenue Agency with all required financial and other disclosures can be found on the CRA website  www.cra-arc.gc.ca/.

3. How are executive salaries determined?

Executive salaries at United Ways and Centraides across Canada are established through a comparison of executive compensation at other comparable organizations and charities, an assessment of roles and responsibilities, and a commitment to spending dollars wisely with the oversight of the organization’s Board of Directors.

United Ways Centraides across the country strive to ensure that the funds raised are used as efficiently and effectively as possible. We rely on the generous contributions of community members and engage thousands of volunteers every year to keep our costs as low as possible.

United Way Centraide staff work closely with community partners, staff and volunteers across Canada, and are hired based on the skills and expertise they bring. Inherent in our values, we provide non-partisan leadership and embrace diversity. We strive to demonstrate trust, integrity, respect, inclusivity and transparency in everything we do. This includes ensuring that staff is compensated fairly for the work they carry out on our behalf.

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) requires charities to provide the salary ranges of their most highly paid employees. The salary ranges, without the names and actual salaries, are currently published on the CRA website:

  1. Click on “Charities and Giving” in the left sidebar
  2. Click on “Charities Listings”
  3. Type United Way in the Charity Name field and click “Search”
  4. Click on the name of any United Way of your choice
  5. Under “Registered Charity Information Return”, click on “T3010 Return”
  6. Click on the year you wish to see
  7. Click on Schedule 3 – Compensation. The 10 highest salaries will be listed.

About Our Annual Campaign

1. Why is the campaign necessary?

Without the UWPH campaign each of the 44 partners supported by UWPH would have to raise funds on their own, which would take them away from the front-line work where they are needed most. United Way is a proven, effective and economical method of raising funds. One donation can help multiple agencies provide services to those who need it most. The UWPH campaign is the best way to leverage dollars so that they affect the maximum amount of change in the community.

2. Will my donation stay in my community?

Yes. Unless you designate your gift to another United Way, your donation will remain within your local United Way Perth-Huron and fund your community’s programs and initiatives.

3. Why would I give through United Way when I can give directly to an agency?

United Way of Perth-Huron supports more than 44 Supported Partners, for a total of 56 programs. With the United Way, donations and support go farther and wider than any other charitable investment a community member can make.

4. Is United Way a professional fundraiser?

No. While we have become experts at the activity of fundraising, the United Way is not a professional fundraiser and does not take a percentage of donations as profit.

5. Does United Way use paid fundraising organizations?

No. Thanks to our staff and volunteers we are able to conduct our fundraising efforts with internal resources.

6. Does United Way of Perth-Huron accept in-kind donations?

United Way of Perth-Huron relies on the generous contributions of community members and engage hundreds of volunteers every year to keep our costs as low as possible. Some of this contribution comes in the form of in-kind donations, such as equipment donated to aid in office operations, sponsorship of events, etc. United Way of Perth-Huron also receives services rendered on a pro-bono basis.

If you or your organization would like to make an in-kind donation, or offer pro-bono services, please contact our office at 519-271-7730 or info@perthhuron.unitedway.ca.

7. How do I get an official tax receipt for my donation?

If you contributed via payroll deduction though your workplace or if you contributed through a pension plan, your contribution should be reflected on your T4 and a tax receipt is not required.

If you donated by cash, credit card or cheque, your contribution will be receipted by UWPH. To receive a tax receipt for your donation, please contact our office at 519-271-7730.

Special Event contributions such as draw tickets, 50/50 and lottery tickets, auction and garage sale purchases, coin drives and food purchases are not eligible for a tax receipt. A receipt cannot be issued when you receive something of value in return for your contribution (or the chance to receive something of value in return).

8. How does United Way of Perth-Huron protect donors’ privacy?

United Way is committed to protecting the privacy and confidentiality of your personal information. The information you provide us will be used to assist in the proper administration and acknowledgement of your gift, to issue tax receipts and to fulfill your information requests. We do not sell donor information, nor do we share donor information with other agencies, unless donors ask us to do so. We protect information through secure computer systems and document handling.

9. I feel pressured to give to UWPH. What should I do?

No one should feel forced to give to UWPH. Giving is a personal choice that should be made voluntarily and with the provision that you, the donor, have the adequate information needed to make an informed decision. If you feel pressured to give, please contact our office at 519-271-7730 or info@perthhuron.unitedway.ca.

About Our Investment in the Community

1. How will the funds raised during the campaign be allocated?

Local agencies are given the opportunity to submit applications requesting to receive funding from UWPH. These requests are reviewed in depth by a committee of community volunteers, referred to as the Program Review & Allocations Committee, who determine whether the agency’s application meets the UWPH mission, criteria and values. The committee attempts to reach an ideal mix, with a balance that serves everyone – from the youth to seniors. After review of agency funding application(s), financial information and sometimes meetings with representatives from the agency, it develops recommendations that are forwarded for consideration by the Board of Director. The funds are allocated to agencies to meet the needs of individuals throughout our communities.

2. Where does my money go?

Your donation will go towards supporting more than 44 Supported Partners with 56 projects/programs throughout Perth and Huron Counties.

Please view our Investing in Impact Report for more information on the impact of the projects, programs and agencies that UWPH donations are invested in.

3. Does UWPH fund medical procedures?

The United Way DOES NOT fund medical procedures. We recognize that the public has potentially divisive opinions regarding some medical procedures. In an effort to maintain UW’s original intent to remain non-partisan and unbiased, we do not fund any services supporting either side of controversial issues.

UWPH does fund some health related programs not funded by provincial or other sources.

4. Does United Way fund partisan organizations?

No. While we may support some programs in agencies with religious or political affiliation, our funding goes only to programs that are open, unbiased and accessible to ALL members of the community.

5. Our organization is interested in applying for funding? How do we do this?

To find out more about funding available from UWPH and how to apply, please visit the Funding page on our website: www.perthhuron.unitedway.ca.

1. How can my business or organization get involved with United Way Perth-Huron?

Thank you for your interest in UWPH. There are a number of ways your organization can get involved. UWPH offers both short- and long-term volunteer opportunities, from getting involved in your workplace campaign, to volunteering on a board/committee, to participating in a special event. The best way to find out how to get involved is to contact our office at 519-271-7730 or info@perthhuron.unitedway.ca

2. I need help. What do I do?

Two resources available for help are:

  • 211 –211 is a three-digit telephone number that connects you to a full range of non-emergency social, health and government services in your community. To access 211, simply dial the digits “211”.
  • UWPH provides support to a network of agencies that deliver a number of social programs and initiatives directly related to the needs of your community and will have descriptions and contact information for each of them.

3. Do you have any volunteer opportunities?

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with UWPH. Volunteers are critical to our operation and we wouldn’t be able to inspire change without you.

To find the volunteer opportunity that is right for you, please contact our office at 519-271-7730 or info@perthhuron.unitedway.ca.

4. I would like to work for United Way Perth-Huron. How do I apply for a job?

Thank you for your interest in UWPH. To learn more about a career with UWPH, please visit our Get Involved page for current employment opportunities.


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