A Word from our Executive Director, Ryan Erb

A Word from our Executive Director, Ryan Erb

There are many privileges with being the Executive Director of a fabulous organization like the United Way Perth-Huron. Not the least of them is to experience the incredible generousity of our community. Each year we set our sights to raise even more money to support our mission to improve lives and build strong local communities. It never fails, as we do so, we see volunteers who give so much time to our programs, agencies, committees and fundraising efforts. Several people work half time for us – yes, that many hours are given – such generousity! Then we spread the good news, set a campaign goal, and individuals and corporations demonstrate financial generousity – many giving at a level that is sacrificial – such generousity!

As we begin the 2013 Campaign, let’s celebrate this generousity as it helps us make Perth and Huron a better place for everyone.

Ryan Erb, Executive Director, United Way Perth-Huron

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